Delving into the Bohemian Interior Decor Style for your Home

One of the unique interior decor styles is the Bohemian Interior Decor. It is so chirpy and perky, it’s hard not to keep staring. Vibrancy using hues of red and purple is what’s most common. The perfect analogy for this interior design is the purposely messy fishtail braid. It’s as much the homey-welcoming kind as the oh-my-god classy.

Bohemian Interior Decor is for the creative lot, bursting with offbeat artistic ideas. It is a way of life, a way of thinking, a perception to specific colours and patterns. It’s a mix of every eclectic design, coming up with its own definition of the whimsically artistic approach to interior designing.

When you hear the word ‘Bohemian’, you would picture hippies, travellers, gipsies, etc. It expresses individuality so much so that it varies with every individual, it’s that diverse. Unique aesthetics are the speciality of this particular design.

Read on if you’re a fan of unconventional designs for the free spirit.

1. Kitchen Decor in Bohemian Style

For a Bohemian kitchen, you should go in for a light colour scheme enhanced with dark wooden furniture or a sleek white furniture with wooden flooring. Since the Bohemian design is so individualized, there a several combinations one could try:

Japanese murals bring out sophistication in the room;

A combination of pale blue/green colour with copper hangings bring about a magnificent and ecstatic ambience;

A cream colour scheme with rustic wall art has a classy appeal;

Colourful tiles with the Mediterranean appeal to it along with subtle colours for the shelves gives you the vibrant atmosphere;

Or a kitchen island with eclectic stools and sequined art along the shelves tingles your senses.

2. Bathroom Decor in Bohemian Style

Bohemian bathroom designs reflect a thriving energy followed by an ecstatic and cheerful ambience. If you’re perky about mismatched but a sensually created creative chaos with lavishly thriving artistic ambience, this is meant for you. The various things you could do are:

A whimsically opulent theme created by a patterned sunshine yellow walls with an antique mirror and deep red, green and blue carpets;

A blend of creamy colours and a gold patterned wallpaper with a claw footed bathtub, with a bright floral carpet to complete the look;

Mosaic tile patterns on the walls with a single colour scheme, a claw foot tub and dark wooden floors to complete the look;

Vintage floral wallpapers and white square tiles, with a bright contrasting coloured vanity cupboard;

An old school romantic atmosphere with pastel pink walls, a small rustic chandelier, black claw foot tub with olive wooden flooring;

Or a breezily beautiful feminine bathroom with matt pink walls, a huge mirror with antique worked borders and a wall mounted open shelf which has distressed wooden prints.

3. Drawing and Dining Decor in Bohemian Style

Bohemian Drawing and Dining is reflected stunningly by the number of artistic ideas you throw in it. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Bohemian design is different from person to person, so there are a plethora of options you can infuse in the artistic elements of your room. The various things you could do are:

A brown sofa with colourful homey pillows and light brown wooden floors;

Pastel blue walls with a glass center table, decorated mantle piece over a furnace, open cupboards as display shelves decorated with sequined art and-and lots and lots of cushions;

Claw foot sofas of deep green colour, Plaster of Paris art on the ceiling, and light toned walls;

The colourful Mediterranean or Moroccan fabrics for sofas, rugs and cushions, cream coloured drapes, and  wooden beams embossed with detailed patterns to complete the look;

Kilim rugs, Littoral art, dining chairs inspired through the 50’s, a smidgen of greenery is the dining room an artist looks for;

Or a  dining room which is more collected than unkempt given the several objects in the room, from the unconventional Windsor chairs to the intricately patterned wall china to the bright kilim rug.

4. Bedroom Decor In Bohemian Style

The inner boho vibe that’s clamouring at you, waiting to come out, release it. Let the creative chaos within you flow and create the unconventional bohemian bedroom.

A bedroom is a place where you let your imagination loose and let that inner boho outside to help flaunt the best aspect of your house. What you have to keep in mind is that this design can never become too convoluted.

In its own way, it’s more of an anti-style. It’s different from the conventional designs, and even if you fill every inch of the wall, it’s perfect. And since the bedroom is your own space, your Bohemian can reflect your passion, your mindset, your hobbies, your life. You could go in for these designs:

Hippie art on the walls with rustic wooden floors following a single colour scheme;

Soft, but vibrant rugs and cupboards with distressed wood;

Or a  pastel pink walls, a bed with netted canopies and a huge mirror with wrought iron borders.

 – Varshini Sudhinder