Floor Plan for 40 X 45 Feet plot | 3-BHK (1800 Square Feet/200 Sq Yards) Ghar-050

The floor plan is for a compact 1 BHK House in a plot of 20 feet X 30 feet. The ground floor has a parking space of 106 sqft to accomodate your small car. This floor plan is an ideal plan if you have a West Facing property. The kitchen will be ideally located in South-East corner of the house (which is the Agni corner). Bedroom will be in the South-West Corner of the Building which is an ideal position as per vaastu. This will give bedroom good ventilation. Living room will get enough lighting in the evening as it faces west direction.

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40 feetx 45 feet floor plan,3Bhk floor plan,200 square yards

Ground Floor Plan 

Aster-1800 Square Feet/200 square yards


Living Room: 1

Bedroom: 3

Kitchen: 1

Bath: 2

Parking: 1

Doors: 5

Windows : As per Design

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