10 Common Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

The bedroom is like a haven to most of us, and it needs to look that way to feel as heavenly. Designing your bedroom’s interior can be very simple just as it is fairly easy to make a massive designing blunder!

What you need in a bedroom is a simple, elegant and non-cluttered look to give it the desired flare. Luckily for you, we have a list of the major mistakes you might want to side step in order to avoid an interior design catastrophe

Interior Mistakes to avoid while designing bedrooms

Bedroom Interior Mistakes to Stay away From

Mistake #1. Don't Over Furnish

Fitting your bedroom with perfect furniture is one thing but too much is not always good. However great your furniture pieces are, cramming a lot of them in there will make your room lose its elegance and will, in turn, make it appear dingy and small. 

While choosing furniture, be sure to have an open mind and choose only the pieces that complement every other feature of your room including the paint colour, lighting and bedspread. If you have more furniture than you can handle, try and place them adjoining the walls. Keep them as far away from the centre as possible to give the room a spacious edge.

Mistake#2. Not Scaling it Right

Scaling is easily one of the biggest mistakes that people do when it comes to decorating their room. 

People think that placing furniture of similar size and heights give the bedroom that flares but it’s far from it.You want all of the pieces to stand apart by combining different rises and posturing window and curtain lengths appropriately as well.

Scaling can be one of the trickiest aspects of interior designing because a good eye is required. So get a second opinion before you are set to arrange the place.

Mistake-2 Not scaling it right

Mistake#3. Not having Enough Lighting

Good lighting is crucial to any bedroom’s looks. Too much, too little or improperly angled light can go a long way to crushing your designing dreams of the place.

Always try to allow natural light by having large windows and placing mirrors within the room. Don’t inhibit sunlight with oversized curtains, instead, opt for a fresh breezy look.

Mistake-3 Not having enough lighting

Mistake#4. Not Contrasting

Contrasting involves everything from your paint pallets to your sock drawer. Having the whole room in one single colour is definitely not a wise move and neither is piling up furniture that is all of the different contrast zones.

Finding middle ground can be tricky which is why it is best to stick to a maximum of two colours and work on different shades of the same colour. If you still aren’t sure about it, rely on expert advice or take a page out of a catalogue and try to recreate the same tones in your bedroom.

Mistake-4 Not Contrasting

Mistake#5. Artistic much?

Lots of people love art, and rightly so. However, hanging art in your bedroom can be exceedingly tricky and the wrong painting, color, frame or position could wreck the whole look of your bedroom.

A super easy way to avoid this is to cut out a paper piece with the same color as the dominant one of the painting. Position it on the wall till it looks as tasteful as possible and then replace it with the original art hanging.

Mistake-5 Having Too much artistic pieces

Mistake#6. Painting First and Choosing fabrics later

This just happens to be the most common mistake that people tend to make. Right when building the house, the first thing people do is pick out a paint pallet.

Finding the right paint is comparatively simple, rather than choosing the right drapes for your bedroom. It is wise to first pick out the drapes in your room and then pick out a paint colour that goes with it.

Mistake-6 Painting first and choosing fabrics later

Mistake#7. Not Accessorizing Correctly

Accessorizing can turn out to become a huge catastrophe if you don’t do it right. Most people simply pile everything from books, showpieces and art on a single shelving unit without order or coordination.

This one flaw could lead to the entire bedroom looking tasteless. While arranging accessories, simplicity is key. If you don’t have much of an eye for interior designing, arrange your stuff as neatly as possible. It’s enough to give your bedroom the glow you want.

Mistake-7 Not Accessorizing Correctly

Mistake#8. Not creating a Focal Point

A focal point is widely necessary for every room, even more so in your bedroom. Without a focal point, your room is bound to look messy and distasteful. Usually, the focal point of the bedroom is the bed, so make sure you give your best shot at making it look good.

Only after setting the bed in, should you furnish the room to point to the focal point? For example, an armchair in the corner should be angularly pointing toward the bed or any paintings should be over the headboard.

Mistake-8 Not creating a Focal Point

Mistake#9. Not Prioritizing Comfort

There is no use in making your bedroom look like a page out of a pottery barn catalogue if it isn’t comfortable. Your bedroom needs to have your identity, something you can relate to and be comfortable in.

Just because beige walls and dark duvets are in style, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to opt for the same. If you like pink or purple, go ahead and base your room about it in a tasteful way.

Mistake-9 Not Prioritizing Comfort

Mistake#10. Not taking Expert Opinon

If you aren’t too sure about your taste in interior design, it is best to take the advice of Happho expert. It will probably save you the cost of buying a lot of furniture you wouldn’t want later.

Mistake-10 Not Taking Expert Opinion

– Sushmita Baskaran