10 Different Types of Beds for your Home

Beds are the most eye-catching and important feature of a Bedroom, as on an average, it occupies about 60% of the space in a room. Hence, the presence of an attractive as well as a functional bed is utterly required in all houses.

Beds today are designed for various age groups keeping in mind its main function of sleeping and relaxing. This article describes a few of the numerous types of beds available today to make your interiors look more attractive and to make the most out of it.

Different Types of Beds for Your Home

1. Divan Beds

These are the most popular and simple kind of beds. Known for their sturdiness, they are extremely functional, made up of two parts, joined together via a bracket. It is provided with a lifting cover, which gives the bed ample space, to store seasonal stuffs. The base of the bed sits directly on the floor.

The divan beds come with storage boxes with options like zip, sliders, drawer storage and link storage. They are available in numerous designs and colors everywhere and are known to be one of the most comfortable ones.

Divan Beds

2. Sofa Beds

These are multifunctional beds, which can be used both as a standard sofa as well as proper beds. These are mostly used in those rooms, where not much space is available.

They are generally used as guest beds, especially the ones which come with the mattress included. Consumers have appreciated this particular feature of this kind of beds, which is the reason why they are used all over the world, in apartments with small rooms.

Sofa Cum Beds

3. Cot Beds

These are beds with high boundaries, designed for tiny tots. The high boundaries are made, so that when the little ones learn to turn sides, they don’t fall off the beds.

They can also be made attractive for kids, by decorating them with soft toys and rattles. Most mothers prefer this kind of beds for their babies, as it ensures a high level of safety and the babies too enjoy sleeping in these beds.

Cot Beds

4. Trundle Beds

These are a pair of beds of which one is easily moveable, and can be stored under the other fixed bed. It provides two sleeping spaces as one piece of furniture, but takes up no more space than a regular twin sized bed during the day.

Also known as truckle beds, these are becoming very popular nowadays, and are considered as one of the smartest furniture for saving spaces in bedrooms.

Trundle Beds

5. Platform Beds

Also known as panel beds, these are light weight beds which are easier to move. They do not have legs, and their wooden base directly touches the ground. They go well with any décor, and are mostly used in the US. Known for their ease and expediency, they are also available with storage solutions.

Platform Beds

6. Bunk Beds

They are a stack of two or more beds present one above the other and form one single unit. Metal poles or wooden beams connect the top bed to the bottom one and a ladder is used to get up to the top bunk.

These are mostly used in children’s room to accommodate more than one person. It saves the horizontal space in your house and comes with amazing features and styles.

Bunk Bed with Storage

7. Canopy Beds

It is a decorative bed somewhat similar to four poster bed. It usually features four posts at each of the four corners. The pillars of this bed are used to carry fabric shades and panels that lend it a dramatic and historical look. It can turn an ordinary bed into a sumptuous refuge.

These beds go well with ancient and contemporary décor themes. Hence, if you decide to give an antique look to your bedroom, Canopy Beds are the best options available.

Canopy Beds

8. Storage Beds

From sheets and duvets, clothes and shoes, bedrooms have a lot to look after. Thus storage beds are the perfect solution for keeping these items safely without taking any extra space.

These beds not only give you a comfortable sleep and enhance the look of your bedroom, but also provide smart storage solutions. Storage beds are not just functional but also very sturdy and they are very popular nowadays.

Hydraulic Storage-Bed
Bed with Side Storage Space

9. Loft Beds

These are similar to Bunk Beds, but have only one bed frame on the top. They are beneficial as the floor underneath can be used twice to either keep a furniture or to make a small play-area or to even convert it to a tiny living area.

They are functional, practical and use less space. A few of them also have storage solutions and are available in a variety of sizes, the queen-sized loft bed being the most popular one.

Loft Beds

10. Sleigh Beds

These are the king of beds, with a curved or scrolled foot and headboards, thus resembling a sleigh or sled. These are often made of wood, iron, steel or aluminum and are generally heavy.

It’s a bold statement about style and taste as it’s an exquisite piece of furniture that is built unlike other beds. Originally called French Beds, they are a perfect choice for modern or contemporary styled homes and can contribute in enhancing the beauty of your room.

Sleigh Beds

– Sakshi Singh