10 Things to keep in Mind while selecting Paint for your Home

Painting is a quick and economical way to give your old looking home fresh and new look or to make your house more sellable/rentable if you are putting it on the market. Find out simple way of selecting perfect paint matching your requirement.

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  • Paint colour should reflect once mood and lifestyle.

  • When selecting an interior finish, try choosing water-based enamel instead of oil-based gloss paint. Water-based gloss enamels have less odour than conventional oil-based paints, they’re much easier to clean up and durable.

  • Choose paint shade as per room utilisation, a warm shade in the living room creates comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests than a cooler colour.

  • A lighter colour can make a small room feel more spacious, while a darker colour can help a large room seem warmer.

  • As paint can highlight a room’s features or hide them, consider architectural details into account. i.e. What’s attractive and what’s not? i.e. what to highlight and what not to.

  • Low reflecting paint (Flat) is best suited for ceilings, areas where surface imperfections might be visible, a flat finish is ideal for the low-traffic areas of your home.

  • Easier to clean paints like Low-luster, satin, or eggshell (between gloss and mat finish), they’re best suited for high-traffic areas such as a vestibule, bathrooms, bedrooms, and playrooms.

  • Semi-gloss for kitchens and bathrooms; choose gloss for balustrades, railings, shelves, doorjambs, and windowsills. Kindly remember higher the gloss, the more it emphasises any surface imperfections.

  • After selection of Sample, Paint a portion of your wall to see the effects of various light conditions.

  • Choose a Professional Painting Contractor for the best results.

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