10 Ways to Light Up Your Stairways

Lighting in staircase incorporated in house

Stairways serve as the core of every home, bridging the gap between different floors and rooms.

They also have the most traffic among any other space.

However, it is not often to see people neglecting to put more importance on staircase design and aesthetics. Considering the role it plays, it can easily serve as a beautiful focal point, if designed perfectly.

Lighting is one of the most practical ways to decorate a space without wasting any elements.

Unconventional lighting fixtures not only make it easy to access space but also contribute to the visual appeal of any space. Surely, lighting in the staircase may seem like its unnecessary, but considering its advantages, it is definitely worth the effort. 

Here, we will discuss 10 interesting ways you can use to light up your stairways.

What is a Staircase Lighting?

Staircase lighting is either installed on the elements of a staircase or near it is located. It can be subtle, dramatic, luxurious, functional, or all of these.

In modern designs, staircases often serve as a focal key point in a house, so installing lighting is a suitable way to ensure that attention is drawn to the stairway.

When it comes to staircase lighting, there cannot be a wrong or right way to do it. It simply depends on the design, construction, and desired look and feel.


Pinlight is a type of recessed light that is very easy to install as it can go into the riser, tread, side of the stairs, or even the handrails.

These tiny lights are used in a large number, giving a subtle, yet bright feel to the space.

2.Side-Step Lights:

side-step lights are installed at the side corner wall

As the name suggests, side-step lights are installed at the side corner wall near each step.

It creates a beautiful shadow effect since its placed vertically.

However, considering the fact that you may be installing staircase lighting for safety purposes, then this may not be the best option for you.

3.LED Rope Lights:

LED Rope Lights installed in staircase

The best way to use LED rope lighting is to install it under the nose of each tread.

This illuminates your staircase without compromising your safety.

Another way to install rope lighting is to create a beautiful wall wash effect by installing light behind the stringer.


Treadlights installed in staircase

Compared to any element of a staircase, installing lighting on the tread is still the most preferred way. And for good reasons, of course.

Treads allow you to conceal linear lighting within each one of them.

5.Handrail Lights:

Handrail Lights incorporated in stairs

It is easy to overlook the simple fact that the handrail is one of the elements of the staircase as well.

Whether you have a glass or wood handrail, anything can be illuminated to beautify your staircase.

Lighting in handrails can be integrated into many different styles, making it suitable for indoors as well as outdoors.

6.Up and Down Lights:

As they say, there’s beauty in imperfections.

The disharmony created by placing the lights on uneven levels creates an eccentric yet sleek look into the space.

This type of lighting can be done by simply placing the wall scones on the adjacent wall of the staircase.

7.Mix and Match:

Why settle for one type of lighting when you have so many options available?

If it’s difficult for you to choose only one type of lighting, then don’t. With so many options available, you can always mix and match the lighting, creating an illuminated juxtaposition.

Start off by adding layers of lighting at different levels.

One good example would be to apply wall scones at the adjacent walls, as well as rope lighting under the tread.

8.Hanging Pendant Lights:

Sometimes, a simpler method is all it takes to beautify a place.

Instead of spending so much money on complicated installation, you can also opt for the option of hanging giant pendant light.

This type of lighting suits well in both traditional and contemporary-styled houses. The hanging pendant light brings down lighting across the entire length of the staircase.

So, there you have your list of staircase lighting ideas that are bound to create a luxurious look in your interior spaces.

These lighting ideas are suitable for almost all types of staircases.