4 Interior Design Ideas for Travel Lovers

Once you’ve caught the travel bee there are very few or probably no chances at all that it will ever leave you.  And although travelling seems to be one magical experience in itself, it’s the moments after you return to the place you call home and reminisce in those wonderful experiences that you experience the ethereal memories it leaves us with.

Most of us in order to make this practice of reminiscence extra real, indulge in the idea of collecting “Souvenirs” , some little tidbits caging time in its grasp. So for all those travel loving people who want their homes to reveal this indulgence of theirs, here are some ideas on what you could collect and how to put these up on display.

Souvenir of your travels that can be used in your Interior design

1. Dirt Locator

This is one of the easiest, collecting the soil of the place that you’ve visited. The soil of a certain place in something that is probably its most authentic element. Collecting these soils and then storing them in little glass tubes or jars is a perfect way to announce the various places you’ve visited.

These can be displayed on a shelf with little stick-ons revealing the location from where they belong. You could also layer these soils on top of each other in a single jar.

Dirt Collector

2. Pebble It

Stones and pebbles are those easily available, long lasting and durable souvenirs which congregate into a colorful mix. So collect a small pebble, those beautiful seashells or random stones from the places you travel to and place them together in bowl full of water. Use it as a decoration in your garden or living room. You may also place scented floating candles in the bowl and add elegance to this souvenir collection.

Pebble it

3. Money matters

We all have those left over currencies from those glorious different countries that we have travelled to. Getting them framed up in a collage together or creating different frames with the flags of the respective currencies as backdrop reveals as an interesting display.

Hung up on the walls of your home, these colorful-painting-like frames will definitely boast about your travel list.

Money Matters

4. Magnetic Fun

Collecting souvenirs? How can one miss these vibrant images of the place one visits presented as Magnets. These definitely are objects which act as tourist magnet. Collect a magnet from each city you visit, with the image of that element which you loved the most in that city. Use your refrigerator as the perfect picture gallery for the collage of these magnets, or buy a white board and place all these collections on it and hang it in one of the dull corners of your home which you might want to brighten up.

Magnetic Fun

 – Nupur Bhatnagar