7 Elegant Ways to Illuminate Your Home With Natural Light

Light is the element on par with every other element of interiors. Lighting design is a process. The process of integrating light into the fabric of spaces. Regardless of the light sources available for use, the process is always same. Following are the elegant ways in the lighting design much as someone performs them in practice.

1. A room is not A Room Without Natural Light

Natural light is a daily necessity. Space should be illuminated more with indirect natural light. The south façade windows should take in reflected light to avoid glare & the same is opposite for the north.

It is important to remember that a Window/Skylights/Jali work is not itself a source of light, it is an aperture that modifies light passing through. However, the treatment on the windows should soothing and minimal rather than being too heavy.

Shadows created by natural light in living room
Skylights in Ceiling to give natural light in living room

2. The Light and Water's Surface

The relationship of light & water is beautiful & always progressing on a different level. The flow of water & the refraction of light through it creates a drama, providing the best experience of nature. With water & light fluidity can be achieved.

The space gets a completely new meaning & ambience, merging your home with the natural elements. It creates such an impact that one can sit for hours staring at the beautiful play of texture formed by the Water & Light.

Natural Light through water placed on top of roof-2
Natural Light through water placed on top of roof-1

3. Bring Home the Beauty of Skylights

Skylights are a beautiful aesthetic addition to the house but one must look beyond the aesthetics. To the place that requires the skylight to the amount of light required, skylights are a good reason to make every corner of your space dissolve in the natural light.

Be it the living room, passages, they can even be used in the bedroom. It will not only let you enjoy the natural light, but let you enjoy the natural darkness & the stars. The decision is up to you to cover it or no depending on the location of skylights as natural light with a corner for rain is just like cherry on a three floor cake.

Skylights creating beautiful lights and shadows in bathroom
Skylight in ceiling providing natural light in kitchen

4. Play of Shadows and Lights

Do shadows have the power to enhance the space? YES! It has the power to take a normal space to a hyperspace by giving you the feeling of twinkling stars & that is what creates a dramatic impact.

To cast a shadow one has to play with the location of masses and should have the knowledge of the materials that are not friendly with light.

They stop the light to enter but still light finds a way. Somewhere light wins somewhere shadow wins & after all in this battle all we win is a beautiful and elegant space of shadow & light play.

Wall pattern in walls creating shadows in living room
Shadows created by wooden walls in passage

5. Choose Opening Wisely

Most of the times the problem of not having natural light is not the issue but having too much of it is. So in this case, you must place your windows according to the directions & climatic conditions. Mostly the windows are placed in the north, west & east as they provide good light.

During winters east-west directions receive only a few hours of sunlight however south side windows contribute to costless warmth. On the other hand, the harsh sunlight of south needs to be reflected during summers and in hot & warm regions.

All these factors help you to decide the shape and size of the windows. Floor to ceiling slit windows or a window with jali work, every window has a different story of light to share.

Slit Opening window
Natural light through jaali work window

6. Match Interiors with Light

Be it furniture, the color on the walls or light everything is interrelated with each other. Placing the furniture wisely and avoiding huge furniture in the path of light is a merit, it will not block the natural light & avoid creating unnecessary shadows.

Similarly, light colors on the walls encourage light and reflect it more. Even Mirrors can be used to reflect light leaving the home with no dark corners.

Natural light coming from windows in bedroom

7. Natural Lights Do Exist in The Night

If u think sunlight is the only natural light available then think twice, as just how natural light exists during the day the same way natural darkness exist at night. All the moonlight, airglow, and stars are the agents that provide you natural light at night depending on place to place & time to time.

Surely, there are certain factors that affect their existence that is why the designing should be careful & perfect like the skylights for daylight provides a totally different ambience at night. if you need natural light at night anywhere , anytime just light up the lighter burn a wood piece and enjoy the elegance and calm ambience created by the fire. Surely, candle lights dinner are for a reason.

Natural Moon light through window in the night
Light from candles and burnt wood

Light is a mood setter, enhancer, form-giver and a beautiful element with a lot of flexibility to play with. One can follow the above 7 ways and take the experience to a whole different level. Just remember the points doesn’t end here, the key to successful lighting design is to decide what you want to light first, and then work backwards to determine the solution. In lighting design, the play of light & shadow i.e. brightness & contrast creates an emotional impact. Go ahead and play with adjusting the brightness of your home!

– Ovais Bhati