Which one to adopt Site Mix Concrete or Ready Mix Concrete?

Comparison of Site Mix and Ready Mix Concrete

Sr.No.ParametersSite Mix ConcreteReady Mix Concrete

Weigh batch mixer

(03 bag mixer RM 800)

None required at Site

(Since Concrete is sourced from Batching Plants of 30 to 120 cum plus  per hour capacity )

2Storage spaceRequired to store ingredients like Cement sand and aggregate


(Free movement of Transit mixer to be ensured)

3SupervisionNeed to be deployedNone
4Consistency In QualityLow; Better Quality Consistency can be achieved with continuous  supervisionHigh since the Concrete is produced under factory conditions
5Material WastageHigh – Storage is staggeredNone; As wastage is on the Vendor/Supplier
6Batch sizeAs small as 0.1 cum03 cum
7Minimum Order quantityOrder as per requirement03 cum
8Value EngineeringPossibleNot possible
9Dependency on External AgencyNoneHigh
10Economy20% cost effectiveDearer

To be Used if you have Storage Space & in-house technical capability

Used for Low-Rise Building Construction

Used in Sites With Logistical Constraints (like Lack of Storage space etc.,)

Large and High volume of concrete Works

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ready Mix Concrete


  • Concrete is batched within factory condition so the material is consistent in quality
  • Concrete is supplied in transit mixer so requires less space at construction site (for stocking individual concrete ingredients)
  • Material wastage at site is negligible as batched as a product


  • Minimum order quantity is restricted. You need to order atleast 03 cum
  • You have to depend on external agency for completing concrete works
  • Costly than site mixed concrete by about 20%

Advantages and disadvantages of Site Mix Concrete


  • With better supervision you can get an economical and quality concrete
  • Small quantity of batch can be produced and need not depend on external agency for scheduling concrete works
  • Design can be optimized as per strength result and you can do some value engineering and save money.


  • Require adequate space for stocking materials.
  • Wastage of materials to be taken care and periodic reconciliation to be done.
  • Site logistics to be taken care of
  • Qualified staff at site required for supervising concrete production