Beautiful and Interesting Material Boards for a Office space

Material boards or material mood boards are nothing but different materials kept together to understand the blending quotient of the materials and how it will create a soothing effect on the eye of the end user. You have your space ready and the finishing is in the line.

You have a innumerable options but fixing and deciding a material board is must. Materials have the power to change your mood, and change the way how you perceive a  space. It is said that every space is designed according to its function, so that the purpose is solved in a comfort and easy manner rather than a harsh and uneasy environment.

Today offices are designed for the people in collaboration rather than isolation. Let’s read forward to know which material board suits best for a particular space.

Materials Boards to give a soothing look

The Reception Area Mood Board

Reception area is the entrance and the first impression of the office. One will enter it, and definitely judge the entire office on the basis of it. Most of the times you see how a reception is so grand and wonderful.

All the materials are to be carefully taken and applied. You can see in the above image, how the white marble represents the modern look and limiting the modern look is the wooden texture, bringing a rustic and natural feel to the environment. Introducing bit lavishness, with the golden texture. The flooring pattern reflected on the lights of the ceiling.

A perfect example of random with discipline. Now imagine the space without these wonderful blending of materials! Yes it’s a nightmare. This how choosing the right material for the right space is a task. A task that creates wonders.

Material Boards used in Reception Area

The Working Area Mood board

Working area is the place where a lot of people/employees stay for the longer period. As a result, the space should be an asset rather a liability.

The materials should be happening and motivating the people to work hard and encourage a lot of interaction among them. An office space is usually just a desk, chair and a computer. One never pays attention to the surrounding and how small things makes a lot of difference. 

Seeing the above image, it is rightly said, blue is colour of happiness. Blue is not used in its true sense, but the blending of the softboard with light and the surrounding materials, gives us an idea of a blue tint wash on the space. The pattern on the chair, the golden lap creates a soothing environment.

The plantation on the table connects you with the nature and introduces the green colour in the material board. Every display object on the shelf adds on a new material to the material board. The main colour white, is provided to bind all the elements together.

Working area Material board

The Conference Room Mood Board

All the important decisions are taken here. A feeling of get together yet seriousness in the environment. It is must to have positivity with materials that create a light mood. Again, Blue colour is the ideal colour to set the mood.

Usually surrounded by four walls, one being a glazing and the other for a screen. The above image is the best example of how a material board of a conference room helps achieve comfortable environment.

Conference Room Colour palette

The office Cabin Mood Board

The growth of the office starts from one point i.e. the main cabin. Where you control all the operations and keep a watch on the employees. One probably spends more time in the office cabin than at its own home. Therefore, it should be designed in such a way that it keeps you cool and inherits the leadership quality in you. An office cabin is a mini enclosed space in large enclosed space, where you have the above mentioned spaces. It depends on different situations, but what matters is the right choice of materials same like the above image. Where three colours are involved, brown, black, grey.

Manager cabin color palette

The office Washrooms Mood Board

Yes washrooms are also included in the list of material mood boards. Washroom is the space where actually one can play and incorporate different materials.

The material of the taps, to the pattern on the tiles, to the arrangement of dado tiles. Everything adds to increasing of the beauty of the space.

The images gives you a perfect image of the materials blending together going hand in hand. This exercise is important as it provides you with the image of how the space will look like giving you a perfect scope of changes and alterations beforehand.

From door knobs to towel rail everything is specified providing a clear picture.

material board for Bathroom area

These material mood boards are essential as it even helps in deciding the cost of the project. It provides a clear picture to the end user, and convinces that everything is going in the right direction.

Definitely, materials differ from space to space according to its function. This helps in setting the mood accordingly, it can be a mood of working hard, while it can be a mood of relaxation. A material has the visual power to set it all.

 – Ovais Bhati