Building Your Own Home? – Keep These Things in Mind

Want to build your own home, but apprehensive about it. Relax you’re not alone most people don’t have the time, expertise, or contacts to execute it. The good news is that you don’t have to. You can hire a builder and still save lakhs of rupees.Individual house builders, lacking the necessary knowledge of the construction process, forego control of their investment and rely on their builder as their single source of direction for constructing their dream home. This total reliance upon the builder to fulfil their responsibilities majorly ends in a disappointment.Building a new home is probably one of the largest financial commitments one undertakes; protect the investment by becoming knowledgeable about the entire process and keep the following Nine Issue in mind 

  • Do Visit The Site With The Builder.

    Before you sign a contract, for analyzing the surroundings, physical conditions, potential obstacles and other specific site circumstances that often require special attention which may ultimately affect budget and construction timelines.If something is missed or needs to be altered when the construction is already initiated, because there was no joint visit with the builder to the site prior to contract initiation, the builder will look to you to pay these extra costs, and if you hesitate or refuse, the builder may just stop work.

  • Contractually Bide Builder For Quality And Timely Deliverables.

    By ensuring construction progress inspections, submission of regular schedule and cost updates by themselves. Builders generally rely on their subcontractors to establish the norm for quality and completion of individual construction milestones.

    This problem is very common. It’s like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. If a subcontractor makes a mistake, especially the one that will cost him money to rectify, they are likely to hide it, rather than attend it, make builder sole responsible for quality and timely deliverables.

    If construction progress inspections processes are not understood between you and the builder, then you will bear the cost, either directly to rectify it at some point in the future when it is discovered or indirectly through a lower quality product and/or reduced aesthetic appeal.

  • Builder’s Contracts Are Builder Favored Making Them Self-Centered.

    Check for open-ended language pertaining to various condition costs, unaddressed quality standards and weak performance commitments, etc. before you assign

    Check for open-ended language pertaining to various condition costs, unaddressed quality standards and weak performance commitments, etc. before you assign the job to the builder.

  • Excessive And/Or Needless Budgeted Items.

    Are used for the builder’s convenience. These items are poorly estimated amounts that favour only the builder. It is good to freeze the design and detailing of the home before initiating on ground constructions.

  • Disproportionate Charges For Change Orders.

    It is highly recommended to freeze the design and detailing of home, before initiating on constructions activities, any deviation or addition will require a change order which will be a non-budgeted item, shall move the timelines too.

    Keep your change orders to a minimum, because a change order occurs once you have hired a builder and started construction. That means that if you ask for a change, the builder can charge you whatever they want within reason (and often outside of what is reasonable) because there is no other method for competitively floating bid for any change order. If the home building contract did not stipulate the acceptable or allowable rise on change orders- there you are at loss, Importantly, if you have an agreed upon timetable for completion in your contract, you have now given your builder some room to miss the deadline because you changed something.

  • Incomplete And/Or Poorly Defined Building Specifications.

    It takes some pain to come up with a complete set of specifications for your dream home- but it is worth doing so. It helps you retain total control of your project, it protects you from the use or substitution of lower value items, it also results in a perfect overall budget, and it can save money because if you discover something you wanted to have was not captured in your Building Specifications, and asking the builder to provide same, it would invite a change order.

  • Unrealistic Projected Completion Dates.

    If you have a timeline for moving into your new home, a prospective builder may use this as a sales pitch to get the job, when in reality it is next to impossible that the committed date is achievable.

    Knowledge about the construction process to the level that you can spot or at least suspect if the timeframe proposed is unreasonable helps you. Secondly, you need to pen this issue down in the contract with specific dates, all allowance for revising timelines which are beyond the builder’s control (i.e. weather, non-availability of materials) and with specific penalties that are reasonable, but yet sufficient to cover unbudgeted expenses should be agreed upon.

  • Acceptance Criteria Of Executed Work Dictated By Builder.

    Builders commonly are negligent to minor detailing and quality defect, it may start small but if you let it slide a few times, you will likely see it repeat itself and progress to larger items.

    For example if there is a minor non-conformity that you point out to your builder, they may on the first instance say that is really not a non-conformity, it is within the range of what is considered acceptable and If he uses this once and gets away with it, the next time something major comes up, builder will not be hesitant in trying it again and again, owners need to be cautious in this regards.

  • The Hesitation Of Owner To Confront Builder With Justified Complaints.

    A home owner may really have a justified complaint/issue but is anxious that if he approaches the builder, the builder may slow down or stop work on the project thereby delaying completion and possession. Kindly take the driver seat and have full control on your project, a regular dialogue shall resolve many potential issues.