How you can Adorn Your Interiors with Clocks

We have always seen clocks as an integral functional element for our home. What we fail to decipher is that besides living up to their functionality, clocks are very important when it comes to raising the style bar. The right kind of clock can simply revive your interiors with the correct balance of aesthetics of material and texture.

chellis gear and pinion shaped wall clock design

A clock can become a part of your wall. It can be beautifully matched with the rest of the furniture. It can be made to stand out like a piece of art. Clocks come in a wide variety of colours and shapes, sizes and material. There are vintage clocks which people keep for a more rugged old world charm; and there are beautiful innovative designs for the lovers of modern designs. Clocks are not just for telling time, after all.

starburst design wall clock design ideas

Different spaces might need the positioning of a clock for telling the time. And it is completely the user’s right to decide what kind of look he wants to go with and what style he wishes to create with the help of the clock. Think of a clock as a large statement piece for your interior decor – one that can completely seal the look and feel of your home. Clocks come in different varieties based on their appearance, and use suitable terminology for the same.

Water themed wall clock design ideas

Besides playing with the aesthetics, you can add to another dimension by choosing a clock that chimes sweetly and creates an aura of its might go for unique organic designs for the clock too, where thr clock design is inspired from nature.

whatever i m late anyways clock

It could resemble an animal, it could be very creative, or it could be completely abstract. Clocks can be seen as artwork for the interior decor, especially in modern homes which do not rely much on fabrics and flooring designs. Clocks could even be brilliant examples of geometric patterns and graphic designs. There are clocks which blend amazingly well with the wall, and seem a part of the room itself.

The Grandfather's Clock

Grandfather, because this kind of clock is all about antiquity. If you are a lover of vintage pieces and love to add items of unique charm to your home decor, then this is the right choice. Every clock tells time, so does this, the catch lies in the exceptional elegance of this huge clock, which has a pendulum and often produces an hourly sound.

Vertical tower clock design idea to improve stair case deisgn

Wall Clock

Wall Clocks are the commonest kind we have in our homes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for innovation. Wall clocks can be designed to have a vintage look too, or they can be designed to have an ultra modern look. Set on the blank wall of your majestic dining room, the wall clock can be blended with the rest of the decor.

Beach Styled wall clock design

Wall clocks are the perfect way to create a fashion statement for the interiors. The kitchen is one place which we often neglect but it also needs a clock for timely management of house chores. Adding a charming wall clock to the kitchen walls adds an element of interest to the otherwise highly functional interiors.

Metal Wire frame wall clock design

Table Clock

You can have one by the side table of your bed, or one at your study table. The clock on the table could be either analog, showing time through ticking of three, or even two, pointers. Or, they could be digital, shoring the time in hours, minutes and seconds and beeping when alarms are set.

metal table clock

These table clocks can be used to add vigour and colour to interiors and one can get really creative with these kinds. The key is to place them strategically, on the appropriate furniture piece for added elegance.

Antique alarm clock design

– Sourav Suman