How to Check the Quality of Cement on Site?

There are many manufacturers (branded and local brands) producing cement in India. Be aware before you buy cement as it is one of the prime construction materials of structural importance, any lapse in its selection and use, can lead to catastrophic effect.

As license for the use of standard mark is granted by Bureau of Indian Standard to the manufactures/producers only after fulfilling certain set of criteria, always look for particular IS code number printed on the cement bags in black color.

If cement bags are of OPC 53 grade cement, “IS-12269-1987” should be printed on the cement bags and if cement bags are Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), “IS 1489-1991” should be printed on the cement bags.

To check cement bags duplication, a set of information/marking has to be printed on a standard cement bag as per Indian standard norms provisions.

Each bag of cement shall be legibly and permanently marked with the following, which may be taken note of at the time of purchasing or receiving cement bags:

  • See the manufacturer’s name and his registered trade-mark.
  • The words Ordinary Portland Cement, 53Grade (for OPC 53 Grade) or whichever is applicable as per its type and/or grade.
  • The words ‘Use no Hooks’
  • Batch/control unit number in terms of week, month and year of packing.
  • Address of the manufacturer and
  • The Type and percentage of performance improver(s) added, in a case of addition of performance improvers.
Things to be checked on Cement bag

Quick Quality Checks of Cement at Site

Quick Quality Checks gives useful idea about cement quality based on its color, touch and feel and other tests.

Quality Checks At Retailer End

  • Purchase the cement from authorized company retail stores only.
  • Check the stitching of cement bag and ensue the cement bag has not been re-stitched.
  • Check the week number and year of the manufacturing which is printed on the cement bags. Please don’t purchase cement bags manufactured 3 month before the purchased date.
  • Relevant ISI mark on the cement bags.
  • Condition of the bags should be good (no hook marks) and stored at moisture free area in cement store.

Quality checks At Site:

  • Open the bag and take a good look at the cement. There should not be any visible lumps.
  • The colour of the cement should normally in greenish grey.
  • Thrust hand into the cement bag. It must be giving you a cool feeling.
  • Take a pinch of cement and feel-between the fingers. It should give a smooth and If it is felt rough, it indicates adulteration with sand.
  • Taka a handful of cement and throw it on a bucket full of water, the particle should float for some time before they sink.
Quick Quality Checks on Cement