Different Types of Coffee Tables and How to Style Them?

Designing a coffee table is the way to show off a little creativity. It makes a large horizontal space feel functional and finished. While styling your coffee table, there is always a method to the madness.

A coffee table is just as decorative as it is functional, so it’s important to choose carefully what is to be placed on the table.

Styling your coffee table is one of those things that seems super easy…until you try it.

Different Types and Materials for Coffee Tables

A good coffee table can really make or break your living room- functionally and visually.

Coffee tables serve several purposes; from completing a look, to storage and display of essential things. Coffee table can add skilful character to the room. Coffee table is used purely for convenience.

It’s no longer an ordinary piece of furniture. It’s a place from where the conversation starts and the new bonding initiates.

Styling Your Coffee table

1. Use Natural Objects

Plants or fresh flowers not only create a pretty good refreshing atmosphere but at the same time this items adds colours, balance and three dimensions. 

Natural Material Stone as Coffee Table

2. Play with Heights of Different Objects

The height of the candle glass on the coffee table, juxtaposed with the set of books breaks the symmetry and balances the horizontal and vertical scale.

Two Heighted Coffee Table in Brass

3. Create Illusion of More space

If you are placing the coffee table to a smaller space look for the light material table like wire or glass base. It will give the room the appearance of more space.

Metal Coffee Table with Metal base

4. Place Statement Piece

A unique piece of art will create the focal point, it can be tempting and interesting. When you have larger space it also help in covering the empty space.

unique Sculpture based coffee table

5. Color Co-ordinate

Coffee table offers even more room to show off your favourite room flourishes. The colour of the coffee table should blend with the four walls, pulling the space together warmly.

Wooden Coffee Table that goes with Sofa

6. Add table Cloth

Table cloth adds simply texture it is an additional layer of intrigue. The cloth can be an add on class.

Silver arylic coffee table with a table cloth on the top

7. Shining Elements

The coffee itself should be a work of art. The elements should be minimal though outstanding.

Modern High gloss black coffee table

8. Storage Box

Much like a tray, a small, decorative box is another easy way to bring a bit of order to your coffee table. It can contain items of personal interest or as per users needs.

wooden chest storage as coffee table

Types of Coffee Table

1. odd Grouping

It is typically group of three. The three elements are properly played with respect to size, texture, colours, shapes.

Cream Colour Coffee tables

2. Lavish Style

When it comes to accessorizing, the ideas and placement are not minimalist. It is an electic mix of colours, textures, shapes, details.

Round wooden coffee table

3. Casual and Easy Style

Coffee table looks that change with the object placed on it helps to change   the mood and fresh flowers or a plant also adds a pretty touch such simple things can make the entire space classy and comfortable.

round leather ottoman coffee table with storage

4. Ottaman Style

It adds softness to the room. Ottoman is more advantageous because it gives its benefits not only to adults, but also to children.

Cushioned Ottoman Coffee table

Materials Used to Create Coffee Tables

The surface material of a coffee table is the part you’ll interact with most on a day to day basis. It is suppose to be comfortable and blend with the interior element.

1. Wood

Wood construction is, as always with tables of any variety, the most common construction element. It can be mould in different shape and size and its construction easy and affordable.

Wooden Coffee Table

2. Metal

Metal allows for thinner legs and support structure, and can be designed into surprising shapes. It is light in weight and many types are available in the market. Metal tables are the second most common type you’ll see while shopping.

Metal Coffee Tables

3. Glass

Glass table are often connected with metal joints or support structures, while some tables are 100% glass constructions. They are very transparent and creates an illusion of free space. Glass tables are the modern statement design.

Coffee Table with Elliptical Glass top

4. Rattan

Rattan, or wicker, is often thought of as patio furniture material. Rattan and wicker are popular choices when the interior needs adding a bit of natural warmth and a rustic.

Wicker Coffee Table - Rattan

5. Acrylic

Acrylic appears like glass to the naked eye, but allows for the versatility and transparency of glass without the heavy weight and cost. It is available in different shapes and size and it’s a modern choice.

Clear Arylic Designer cut coffee table

Styles of Coffee Table

1. Traditional

Traditional tables will almost always be crafted from carved wood, and shaped into a rectangle or oval surface.

Carved traditional wooden table

2. Contemporary

In real, it means any furniture that is styled “of the now,” evoking an up to date look, with creative features and stylish look.

otta contemporary coffee table

3. Modern

It often emphasizes simplicity, clean shapes, and the blending of functional and desired requirements.

modern beautiful coffee table

4. Industrial

Industrial style evokes the purposeful look and feel of factory tools, utilizing metal and wood in more rough-hewn, sturdy construction.

Industrial Styled Coffee Table