Creating an Earthy Statement in House Consturction

Earthy interior designs have been trending for quite some time now. More and more people are now incorporating earthy elements into their homes for a cozy, comfortable, and peaceful place. Although the design styles of earthy homes are not necessarily the same, they do have a few things in common that help us distinguish them.

Use of Earthy Colors in Living Room of a house

The patterns, colors, textures, and design elements in the earthy interior have more or less the same feel them. Creating an earthy statement in your house design isn’t a difficult thing to do since instead of focusing on design style, you have to add a natural feeling, be it vernacular or contemporary. Here, we will discuss how to create an earthy statement in house design.

Living Room with earthy colors and wooden beams on the ceiling

1. Earthy Tones

Earthy tones bring the warmth and comfort needed in a modern interior design project. They are soothing and the subdued hues tend to be quite versatile. There is a common misconception that earthy tones are only limited to brown or neutral colors such as white, beige, etc.

Living Room with earthy colors and wooden beams on the ceiling-1

However, tones like chocolate brown, moss green, taupe, burnt orange, mint, and mustard all fall under earthy tones. These colors provide the chromatic harmony between the various elements in the house as well as the visual continuity between walls, furniture, and floors.

2. Natural Fabrics

Apart from following earthy tones in fabric, they should be natural, light, and comfortable. It is better to use fabrics made with natural textiles such as linen and wool. For better ambiance, focus on curtains that provide a sense of coziness and modulate light to obtain a peaceful atmosphere.

A minimalistic Living room design with wooden flooring and plants

3. Lighting

For relaxing spaces, daylight or nature-inspired lights works best instead of harsh fluorescent lights. Instead of following the crowd by installing light bulbs, switch to wall-mounted lights for the bed area and floor lamp and lamp sets for the living area along with pendant lights.

Choose these different sources of lights that allow you to control the intensity and the areas to be lighted. Also, avoid projecting a strong direct light from the ceiling.  

Ligthing installed on the staircase with stones to give an earthy feeling

4. Simple Furniture

Earthy designs are characterized by simple and clear lines. So, avoiding complicated shapes and ornamentation is the key to creating an earthy statement in your home. Opt for simple furniture made with natural materials and earthy tones.

Simple earthly looking furntiure in living room

5. Minimal Decoration

For an earthy look in your house, simplicity is the primary thing to keep in mind. For wall décor as well as decorative items, try to follow the same.

A clutter-free space without having too many decorations will create a harmonious environment in your house. Brighten up the space by keeping bright wall colors and light-colored wall decorations as well.

Minimal decor living room design giving a eartly look

6. Greenery

Plants provide calming and soothing effects in a space. For an earthy interior, avoid flowers that require special maintenance or may emanate disturbing scents. Instead, opt for bonsai trees or hanging plants. They suit better in earthy decors as they provide a serene and natural look. 

A lot of potted plants and shurbs in storage in living room

7. Exposed Brick

In the early years, brick was made by the natural process of using mud, clay, and water, and firing it at high temperatures to produce a sturdy building component material was born.

Now, in modern design, exposed brick has a certain appeal that cannot be provided by other materials. It has uniformity in a pattern that makes a gorgeous backdrop for earthy interiors. Exposed brick walls also add texture and color to any room.

Exposed brick with a muddy look adding to a earthy look in living room

8. Rustic Design Elements

Although there is no rule that says only a certain interior design style can be followed to create earthy interiors, rustic design works best for earthy interiors. Rustic design is defined by ruggedness and letting natural beauty shine.

An Earthly looking Living room design with wooden color ceiling and beige color sofa

The main principle behind it is to create a relaxing atmosphere by highlighting the use of wood, stone, leaves, and other organic elements. Rather than using fancy elements such as chandeliers or plastic furniture, the rustic design focuses more on warmth or comfort through hardwood and other natural materials.

Designing a house properly can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to be creative and follow a certain theme throughout the space. However, these tricks will help you in converting any space into a comfortable and inviting home.

– Tulisha Srivastava