Designing Contemporary Style Apartments

What is Contemporary Style of Designing?

The world has seen different timelines of architectural advancements. Starting from the Greco-Roman heritages of the early ages to Victorian and Georgian Architecture, many such style shave been imitated, relished and preserved through architectural innovations. One such style of architecture is the Contemporary Style. It refers to the modern style of architecture which is a blend of architectural styles from the latter half of the 20th century.

Contemporary style apartment interiors

Contemporary style of architecture differs from the Modern style. The latter is suggestive of stark bold lines.

The prime characteristics of this style of architecture are alleviated lines, suggestive minimalism and neutral tones and facets which lend it a very modern and simplistic look. The traits of contemporary style can be fused with various other styles to produce a conglomerate of aesthetic design solutions.

Contemporary style of architecture - alleviated lines, suggestive minimalism and neutral tone

The following are some ingredients which you can add to your apartment design to lend it a contemporary vibe.

Things to do to give a Contemporary Look to Your House

Open Floor Designs

Contemporary style is about open floor plans, with no permanent demarcations between living spaces. The living room is combined with the dining. The dining is a subset of the kitchen. The bedroom gives way to the study.

Open Floor Contemporary Design with No Demarcation of spaces

Use of glass partition walls for a fluid transition between spaces, use of similar colour palettes for different spaces to prevent them from seeming distinct and using water curtains and fabrics to spell out borders are all ways to separate spaces meant for different functions within the same four walls.

Color Pallete

Contemporary style interiors put to use several neutral and earth tones for a rich, yet not too vibrant colour palette. The chief colours are beige, brown, cream and white. A game of tones and contrasts is put to good use, especially when it comes to designing furniture for the spaces.

Neutral and Earth tone colors used in Contemporary Design of Bathroom

This does not mean that you are not allowed the use of bold and vibrant chromes at all. Bright-coloured rugs and furnishing such as cushions and curtains are appropriate spots to splash some colour on.

neutral toned rugs and furnishing such as cushions and curtains

Lighting Design

Components of lighting design are used as more of an imaginative assertion in the contemporary style of interior design. Lights come with a metallic finish, and they could be endowed with special shades for colour. Lamps, whether placed on tables or on floors, incorporate straight lines and lustrous designs. Strategically placed sculptures and showpieces could be accentuated by the use of dug in or trail lighting.

Mettalic coloured Lights used in Contemporary Interiors

Combining Futuristic Interior Design

Combining the essences of contemporary and futuristic styles in your apartment design can lend an enthralling consequence.  Private terraces lined with ceiling lights of artistic variations and straight sleek pillars are one such element. Lofts within rooms for storage or for secondary functions like study or for interacting designed with furniture such as recliners, and with wall cladding around is another.

Combining Contemporary and Futuristic styles in apartment design

Use of Textured Fabrics

Contemporary style of apartment design involves a lot of textured fabrics for furnishing. The common products are cotton, linen, silk and wool and their chief attributes are the different textures each of them has to offer. The smoothness of silk may be incorporated in curtains and pillow covers and the grained feel of wool is ideal for rugs. Linen is a model material for cushions and sofas, while cotton is good enough for bed sheets and table covers.

Usage of textured fabrics as a part of contemporary design

Apart from the texture, the colours and patterns on fabrics play an important look in the contemporary style. We recommend going for a mix of bold as well as minimalistic simple patterns for the furnishings. In terms of colours, the opulence of beige and brown, the regality of dark blues and blacks, or the monochromatic panorama of greys and whites are idyllic alternatives to debate on.

Materials for Furniture

The furniture of a contemporary style apartment has to be, as mentioned before, sleek and slim. We are not going to opt for heavy furniture, or furniture that takes up a lot of space. The contemporary apartment has to be minimalistic; there has to be a lot of breathing space. The furniture that you do incorporate should be bold, with smooth surface sand neat lines. They should be free from traditional embellishments and carvings.

Contemporary style sofa chair and dressing table

The suitable materials too come in a narrow range of choices for a fashionable look. Light coloured wood with minimal graining is a good option for a more rustic or industrial interior design. Metallic furniture, such as that of nickel or chrome is a good idea for contemporary interiors on the lines of modernity. Glass – whether frosted or clear – is a good alternative for living tables and racks. Stainless steel, yet another feature of contemporary style mixed with industrial style of interiors, is a great choice for a tougher look.