Designing of Modern Interiors with Lamps

Lighting is an important element of home designing since time immemorial. The elements that come together when right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. All rooms need a mixture of lighting, be it ambient or simple background illumination or accent lighting to highlight an exceptional feature.

You can always update a room and develop the atmosphere with worthy lighting. To introduce task lighting to your room, floor lamps are a perfect choice, because they play both, a functional and a decorative role in your house.

Floor Lamps in the shape of a tree bush

The floor lamps not only help in complementing your decor, but also give you the option to decide the intensity of lighting in your room, as they come in all possible shapes and sizes. Depending upon the size of the room, and the kind of home decor, one might get a variety of these lamps. The various types of Floor Lamps have been mentioned below:

Some Designs of floor Lamps That Can Lighten your Homes

1. Torchiere

One of the most popular types of floor lamps, they don’t require a lot of floor space. The shape is such that it directs light up at the ceiling, where it diffuses into a lovely general light that covers the room. They are available in different styles, ranging from traditional to modern and in different sizes to enhance the look of your room.


2. Moghul Lamp

Also called the Six-Way Floor lamp, it is known for providing marvellous amount of light as it uses a center three-way bulb surrounded by as many as three additional bulbs. The top of the lamp is usually designed to sit just above the eye level of an average adult standing next to it to avoid unpleasant glare from unshaded bulbs. It is mostly used to light large rooms and takes negligible space as compared to the amount of light it provides.

Mogul Styled Floor Lamps

3. Tower Floor Lamp

One of the most beautiful type of lamps, they are available in a wide variety, ranging from Asian styled lanterns to modern sculptural forms. These lamps provide ample light and even serve as a design focal point in your room.

Tree Shaped Floor Lamps

4. Down Bridge Floor Lamp

The Down Bridge floor lamp usually serve as a reading or task lamp, has the light directed downwards. They bring warmth and sophistication to your room and are very contemporary in shape and size. Being a staple of interior decor, they are in high demand far and wide, not only because of their looks, but also because of the high functionality that they provide.

Down Bridge Floor Lamp

5. Adjustable Club Floor Lamp

These are a variation of the standard club lamps, with an added feature of height adjustments. They are mostly used for area lighting as they give off diffused light because of their translucent parchment.


Floor lamps range from simple, to modern and to elaborate. Even their shades come in a wide variety ranging from conical to drum shaped to cylindrical, all of which suit different types of home decor. Not only shapes and sizes, they also vary widely in terms of cost, ranging from very moderately cheap to very expensive. Thus, this wide variety is what makes it more appealing to the customers, and not only this, there are numerous other reasons as to why these are preferred to general lighting:

jhumar styled Floor Lamps
Loop shaped floor Lamp ideas

Advantages of Using Floor Lamps for Lighting

1. Blends Easily With any design

Floor lamps match with all kinds of decor ranging from modern to contemporary to traditional. They enhance the look of the other furniture too and make the entire place look even grand.

Floor Lamps that Blends easily with any decor

2. Easily Movable

Floor lamps are easily movable from one point to the other because of their light weight. If there is any corner to be illuminated, one can just pick up these lamps and place it at the desired location.

Royal Floor Lamps next to dressing table

3. Available in Wide Variety

As already mentioned, these lamps are available in all sorts of shades, sizes, colours, prices and added features. From stainless steel to arc to ornamental lamps, the choice is wide.

antique floor lamp ideas

Thus, the choice of floor lamps, if made wisely, can enhance your room to a really great extent. It is becoming increasingly popular day in, day out and not only its demand, but also the types of these lamps have increased manifold. They, being minimalistic in their design, are simple in appearance and give your room quality warmth and sophistication.

Simple Floor Lamp in Living Room next to Sofa

– Sakshi Singh