Different materials for creating Beautiful Handrails for stairs

Staircases are something which every construction site has be it a commercial space or a residence and to protect and support these staircases we need HANDRAILS which is equally important to properly climb up or down on these staircases. For a beautiful looking piece of a staircase a beautiful design of handrail is needed and what gives them beauty, strength and overall aesthetics is the type of material used for them. So let us see what are some of the materials that we can use to make a good set of handrail.

Materials Used for Staircase Handrails

1. Wooden Handrails

Wooden handrails are one of the oldest materials used for handrails. Even today is it considered as antique and classy. The best part about wooden handrails is that they do not have any particular order or design you can customize it as you like it. 

From keeping long standing balusters supported with a 4 – 6 inch hand rest or carving the wooden panels in different design to modern method of fixing glass panels between wooden balusters wood can do it all very gracefully. 

But it also comes with a few disadvantages that wooden handrail can mostly be used for interiors only as wood is quiet delicate and wood are generally non – resistant to water until properly treated to withstand the UV rays and external environment

Solid Wood Handrail
Wooden handrail with Glass embeded

2. Metal (Mild Steel) Railings

Sometimes we prefer strength and durability over aesthetics in that case you can use mild steel railings as metals are strong and require minimum maintenance. 

Though mild steel railings are prone to rusting but in this modern time the effect of rusting can be treated with various paints and chemical treatments. The most common metal used in handrails is WROUGHT IRON they come in variety of different designs in market or they can even be customized these can used be for both exteriors and interior purposes but for using it for exteriors one must it properly before installing to avoid corrosion.

One of the best feature of iron handrails is they can be finished with different variety of colors according to your theme from dark bold colors to soft pastels it can instantly turn from bold to a soft beautiful look.

Metal Mild Steel Railing
Metal Railing painted in Bright pink colour

3. Aluminium handrails

This is best option for those who want a good and a durable handrail but at the same time they a little low on budget. 

Aluminum is not prone to any corrosion and rusting as well as it offers variety of finishes apart from choosing the right color of handrail for this material you can also choose whether you would like it keep the finishing matte or polished as matte aluminimum will give a natural looking texture while polished surface is easy to clean.

Aluminium anodised handrail
Aluminium anodised handrail in white colour

4. Stainless Steel Handrails

This is one of the most commonly used handrail material these days. Stainless Steel Handrails are economical and durable. Also it has a long life span without causing any harm. 

It gives a naturally polished surface so you cannot customize in terms of color or varnishes but you can still customize the design. 

As the name suggests it gives a very unique benefit that is keeping away the stains due to the natural polished surface of steel . Also it can withstand all the weather conditions even it is installed on exteriors. Rusting and corrosion are far away from this handrail.

Stainless Steel Railing curved
Stainless Steel Railing

5. Brass Handrails

You must have seen those gold handrails in some antique old and historical monuments, it is so as they give a traditional and old school vibes. Brass handrails has a really rich and classy appearance because of which these are highly expensive and high maintenance.

 They also come in silver and copper variant or you can even customize the colors. For indoors of large double storey homes which have mostly exposed central staircase this can be a great option, but it is not much safe for exteriors as the polish and color can fade with time due to UV rays and air.

Brass handrails that looks like gold plated
Brass handrails that looks like gold plated 2

6. Glass Handrails

For getting that seamless looking staircase also when you want to make the stairs material pop through those handrails there is no better option than glass. 

You can use glass handrails alone combining one panel to the other or you can even fix them with stainless steel or wood balusters supporting the panels in between. 

Glass handrails should mostly be used for interiors only as glass is a delicate material even if you use high pressured glass like toughened glass there is still little risk involved with exteriors.

Toughened glass handrail with brass support
Toughened Glass Handrail

7. Reinforced concrete Handrails

Usually Installed for Outdoor Staircase, Precast reinforced concrete handrails are one of the most common sight in any public buildings. These handrails are heavy duty and can withstand to any weather conditions. 

These handrails can be painted regularly to make it look new.

precast reinforced handrails

8. Other Natural Materials

Natural construction materials like stone and marble can be an option for you if you are some who still believes OLD IS GOLD and you want a durable, lifelong hand rail then you can go for it. You can choose the type of stone or marble their colors etc.But this is a really expensive affair and it will consume a lot of time to get constructed as well . These materials would be more suitable for the construction of temples or other religious places or historical monuments, or some public areas, but for the construction of residences, and commercial spaces it would not be a very beneficial option

White Marble Handrail
Handrail in Pink Stone

– Asmita Madan