Documents for Building Construction in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the costliest cities in India.

Hence, if you plan to build a house in the metropolis you must know the different variables included in the construction cost.

With 10% higher cost, Mumbai leads the tally of average construction cost among these six leading metros in the country mainly on account of corresponding higher prices of key construction materials, showed a JLL India study.

Developmental regulations in Mumbai

According to Section 43 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966, any development activity must be approved by the municipal corporation, municipal council, or Nagar panchayat whose jurisdiction the land is located.

Below are the approvals required for construction in Mumbai.

1.Ownership Certificate/Extract

Time required- 15 Days, Grant of Permission by Revenue Department

2.Building Layout Approval

Time required – 1 month, Grant of Permission by Development Authority/Municipality

3. Obtain "intimation of disapproval" (building permit) from the Building Proposal Office

Building Proposal Office

Time to complete – 30 – 45 days, There

are about 40 IOD conditions to be met by the builder to be eligible for applying for commencement certificate (CC).

Major NOCs/IOD conditions are listed below: Non-Agriculture (NA) permission, Tree Authority, Storm Water and Drain Department Sewerage Department, Hydraulic Department, Environmental Department Consent to Establish &

Operate, Ancient Monument Approval, Airports Authority of India, Traffic and Coordination Department, CFO

(fire clearance)Structural Plan Approval.

4.Submit structural plans approved by a structural engineer to the BMC (Municipal)

5.Non-Agriculture Permission 

6.Obtain “no-objection certificate” NOC from the Tree Authority (Municipal)

7.Obtain NOC from the Storm Water and Drain Department (Municipal)

8.Obtain NOC from the Sewerage Department (Municipal

9. Obtain NOC from the Electric Department (Municipal)

10.Obtain a “no-objection certificate” NOC from the Traffic and Coordination

Department (Municipal) – Time Required: 30 days

11. Obtain a “no-objection certificate” NOC from the Chief Fire Officer (Municipal)

12. Environment Clearance

13. Ancient Monument Approval: Time Required: 6 months

14. Consent to Establishment & Operate

15. NOC from Airport Authority of India

16. Obtain commencement certificate from the Building Proposal Office and pay

development charges (Municipal)

17. Bore well Registration Certificate: (Outside Municipal Limit)

18. NOC if near coastal Area

19.Permission for Excavation / Royalty payment

20. Other Common Facilities Approval: (Internal Infrastructure services)

21. Road Access Highway / Expressway

22. Lift Escalator Installation Approval (PWD / CPWD)

23. Electric substation NOC For all substation Transformers in building

24. Obtain occupancy certificate from the BMC (Municipal)

25. Obtain Building completion certificate from the BMC (Municipal)

26. Apply for permanent power connection and pay fees at Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (Municipal)

27. Obtain permanent water connection (with inspection) (Municipal)

28. Obtain permanent sewerage connection (Municipal) : Time to complete – 30 days

Building cost in Mumbai

In this article, we attempted to obtain information on Construction Cost For Various Asset Classes (INR /SQFT) in Mumbai City.

According to JLL, the most expensive property in Mumbai is leisure and sports property, followed by luxury residences and resorts.

In Mumbai, the average cost of construction for a luxury residential apartment in a high-rise building is INR 5,625 per sq. ft., while in Delhi and Pune, the prices are 4,950/sq. ft. and 4,905 respectively, and in Hyderabad, the price is INR 4,275/sq. ft. Similarly, constructing a mid-rise luxury apartment in Mumbai will cost INR 3,875 per square foot and INR 3,410 per square foot in Delhi. While the cost of constructing a medium-rise commercial building in Mumbai would be INR 3,250/sq. ft. Similarly, construction cost for a high-rise commercial building in Mumbai is INR 3,875/sq. ft, while it is INR 3,410/sq. ft and INR 3,379/sq. ft in Delhi and Pune.

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