Economical Ways to Decorate your House

When someone tells you that they’ve redone their house or ask you to redecorate your house, the first thing that comes to your mind is the cost. The term “Interior Decor” is so fancy, you start thinking about the various ways you can deck up your house, but will hold your horses the minute you price factor comes in. Its natural.

Well, what if we tell you that there are ways to decorate your place which are so inexpensive that you wouldn’t think twice about it? Believe it, cause it’s true.

Decorating your house doesn’t always mean spending all your money. Simple refashioning can change the look of your room completely. Hanging a mirror or two, creating larger windows, putting up some wall hangings, adding a feature wall, etc are a few of the many things you could do. Deck up your house without crippling your wallet:

Creative Ideas for Decorating your house economically

Idea#1: Single Picture Multiple Frames

This is one of the most beautiful ideas one can implement in their houses. This trend of single-picture-multiple-frames began almost a decade ago, but its going to be here for a while now.

You don’t even need an actual canvas painting for this, simply print out the picture on a decent sized paper and put it up on the wall. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that it should look as classy as an art.

A friend once said, if you pick the right dress and wear it right, even from a street market, it’ll look as classy as a branded one. That’s what you should try to do here. The picture you choose mustn’t be something common, it should stand out and grab everyone’s attention.

Single Picture Multi Framed hanged in living romm

Idea#2: Decorative Wall hangings

Neither are these very expensive nor are these difficult to make, if you’re a little adventurous. These have an aura of sophistication to them.

Wall hangings are a very elegant piece of decoration, they don’t take away the attention from the entire themselves, nor do they melt into the background.

They simply help enhance the look of the room and bring about an exquisite appeal.

Wall hanging candles made of MS and plastic

Idea#3: Create a feature Wall in the Room

A feature wall is quite cost efficient, and has an aesthetic aura to it. If you’re an artistic person, you can do it yourself too. And adding lights above it will simply make it more admirable.

A feature wall is something that’ll not just grab your attention to it, it’ll also hide the shortcomings of the room. You should maintain a colour code for the feature wall.

For example, if your house follows the beige or light cream theme, bright contrasting colours like red or purple will drastically improve the entire house; if it’s a different colour in every room, the feature wall should be chosen on the basis of the colour code of that particular room.

A feature wall made in green in the living room

Idea#4: Wallpapers in The Right Places

Wallpaper isn’t always a very feasible option. It can be high maintenance and also have a a slightly high initial cost. But it can be a viable option if you don’t want to cover the entire room with the wallpaper.

What we’re saying is that putting up the wallpaper in certain places instead of entire room. Like, behind a wall mounted bookshelf, or a photograph-feature wall, etc.

Wall paper behind a transparent shelf

Idea#5: Add Leafy and flowery Pots

Leafy plants and flowery pots are always a welcome greenery. Plants are one of the most cost effective and efficient decorations ever.

Some people have a green room where there’s a whole bunch of plants, some have balconies or verandas filled with beautiful plants, some have terrace gardens, and some who don’t have much space have plants inside their houses itself.

There’s a lot of variety to choose from and each and every one of them is just as beautiful as the next. Instead of just plants, you can also have creepers or climbers around your windows, or simply put up flower pots on your window sills.

Decorate homes with flowery indoor plants
decorating house with cactus and aloe vera

Idea#6: paper mache DYI stuff

Paper mache diy is an every growing trend. Let the artist inside you come out and play. Instead of going in for extravagant antiquities and costly display items, simply Do-It-Yourself.

There is a plenty you can do when you have time on your hand and it’s also terribly fun to do. This also calls for some family time and increases bonding.

Idea#7: Mix up the interior Styles

Instead of going in for a conventional Interior Decor, you could opt for a mixed one. It doesn’t have to be one particular decor as the entire theme. A mix of all would work like a charm.

It could have the white of the Scandinavian, the artistic chaos of the Bohemian, the wooden appeal from the Traditional and the convenience of the Modern.

Trying to do one particular decor sometimes could be very expensive, so when you’re taking some elements of the many types of interior decors, it could work out cheaper, and unique!

 – Varshini Sudhinder