Mesmerizing Unique External Building Facade Concepts

Though a book is not judged by its cover, a Bungalow is judged by the façade it wears. The Facade formed by the beauty of Architecture. Architecture, where all the concepts emerge. Sometimes, these concepts are to be explained, sometimes these concepts talk for themselves, leaving the freedom in your hands. 

The designer may not think in words but in abstraction or in the form of external facades. Keep on reading to know how your Dream home should have a form & façade that converses with you & shouts out stories.

1. Breaking the Geometry With Parametricism

A straight line is a curve set straight. Looking at a grid facades turn boring after a certain limit. Curves have the ability to encourage interaction & tell you stories. Stories on a flat surface. A surface in which you can get lost for hours.

With parametric design, every corner on the site provides you with a new experience. Bungalows are not meant for copy & paste façades. Parametric design not only follows function but also fiction. Fiction turned into fact.

The external façade is as important as the spaces. A form that adds to the beauty & concept within itself. Even a local brick can be used to achieve parametric forms.

Breaking the Geometry with Parametricism-1
Parametric Patterns-1
Parametric Patterns-2
Parametric Patterns-3
Parametric Patterns-4

2. Simplicity Is The New Trend, Go Minimalistic

The promotion of what you want by removing all the distractions. Minimalistic is a single element giving life to the dead & boring façade. One element sharing a whole new experience. An element that adds sparks to the façade & maintains all the factors of time & money. 

It is easy to construct and at the same time making a difference. So if you don’t like to ornament the building too much, going minimalistic is the solution.

Simple External Facades with great looks
Simple External Facades with great looks-2

3. Get Inspired by Nature, Biomimicry

Biomimicry is a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas & then imitates these designs & processes to solve human problems. In short, get inspired by nature & design a second nature. One cannot build nature but get inspired by it which helps in creating innovative facades that respond to the climatic changes just like nature. You can take any element from the bio and mimic its function or as form making it a green building. Here, the bird’s nest &bamboos is taken as an inspiration.

Biomimicry nature inspired external facades
Biomimicry nature inspired external facades-2

4. Rigid Geometry, Mordernism

Eliminate the ornamentation & play with rigid geometry that creates a beautiful façade with light & shadows.  A great example of how symmetry & balance can take the façade to an altogether different zone. Definitely, you need a unique concept to achieve differentiation. But it is all on you how you execute it in a different way. A staircase profile or a vertical garden on the external facade it has a whole lot of concepts to merge with.

Modern Rigid Geometry-1
Modern Rigid Geometry-2

5. A Broken facade, Deconstruction

Ever felt like breaking a rigid geometry into pieces? Yes, now you can make an interesting façade out of it. Manipulating with the structural skin & form that gives you a tensed feeling, a beautiful tensed feeling that takes away all your attention. It breaks the monotony and symmetry. The only thing is to not overdo it & take the utmost care in the context of the surroundings.

external Facade that looks broken

All the styles/concepts in Architecture are ever evolving, the above mentioned are existing style & concepts that revolutionized the world of external forms. For a bungalow design, a concrete chunk doesn’t do justice.

From the above points, one should know that bungalow construction is not just about concrete & cement, it is about the people who live there. The form should give the power to people to transform their own environment, turning dreams into reality.

A reality where innovation & concepts provide people with a wholly unique world. So go ahead with whatever style you like.  From now onwards all you can do is judge a bungalow by its elevation.

– Ovais Bhati