Floor Lighting Designs for the Modern Home

In these days, competing for the best home interiors has become a daily routine. We want to have glamorous interiors so as to create a lasting impression on visitors. Our furniture has got to be classy. Our rooms have got to be spacious. Our furnishings have got to be attractive.

edward van vliet lamp on Floors

Another important element that can completely make or break the look of the interiors is the lighting. With the most suitable lamps for interior decor, the entirety of the home gets accentuated. The strategic positioning, colour, warmth and attractiveness of the luminaires are all little factors that decide the quality of space created with the help of lighting design.

Garden Deck Floor Lighting Design Ideas

Coming to the different types of lighting designs and fixtures, Floor lights are a great variation from the conventional wall and ceiling fixtures. Apart from lending a unique glow to homes, these lamps are sure to transform your living spaces, setting a signature style statement for your decor. Sometimes these lights might not be enough to light up a space very brightly, but they are sure to weave magic when used for a dimmer effect.

The Living Room

Lighting in Floor level in lobby or passage areas

The Living Room is meant to be the most used and the most gorgeous spaces in the house. Rendering this space in fashion is a must. You could have great components to highlight its charm, yes, but without good lighting all these tricks just won’t work. We are all used to seeing pendant lights and table lamps ideas for living rooms aren’t we?

Integrated floor lighting tips - commercial units

Go for something unique and unconventional with Floor Lighting Designs. The best part about Floor Lights is that they can be used to be used to create endless patterns. Use them on one side of the space, like an accent wall or a special attraction of your living room to accentuate its splendour.

The Corridors

Floor Lamp ideas in skirting in lobby or passage area

If you own a lavish bungalow, with foyers and corridors for circulation, don’t let these spaces die away in darkness or writhe away in the blandness of wall fixtures. By using floor fixtures, these very rectangular corridors can be given a totally different feel. Zigzag patterns, wall arts, optical illusions – name it and you can create it – all with the help of floor lights.


Floor lighting to highlight staircases

Staircases must be seen as one of the most exploitable parts of an architectural design – those that can be played with to a large extent in terms of looks, materials and so on. A brilliant way of jazzing up your home stairway is by the use of floor lights.

Floor Lighting to Highlight Bricks underneath Staircase

Be it under the treads or above them, be it under the soffit or adjacent to the balustrade, floor lights for staircases make them look grander, more attractive and beautifully accented. Pair these lights with some beautiful artwork for the walls or with ornately designed handrails by the stairs for added finery.


Floor Lighting around bathroom tub

We often neglect these private havens when it comes to lighting design. Have you ever given this fact a thought that your bathrooms are indeed the places where you need a great deal of luxurious retreat – both to start the day and to end it in, right before sleep. In this case, floor lighting sort of crowns the bathroom with the luxury it deserves.

Strip Floor Lighting in Bathroom areas

Use floor lights to create geometric patterns around your bath tub or your dressing. Alternatively, create an ambience of soft glow with the help of floor lights used in conjunction with those in the ceiling.



We plan so much about the look and feel of the garden, the flowers, the seating, and the leisure – but only for the daytime. What about the night, when this very garden could serve as a peaceful refuge, or a party spot? You could go for decks adorned with beautiful floor lights for a very serene vibe. A poignant evening spent chatting with your partner would then become all the more beautiful.

Floor Lighting in garden area

You could create landscaped patterns for the lawn with the help of recessed floor light design such as these. The lights could create a trail up to a particular landmark in the lawn, like a cascade or a sculpture.

– By Sourav Suman