FSI/FAR (Floor Space Index) for Urban area and Suburbs in Bhopal

About Bhopal Town Planning

Bhopal is a well-planned, fast developing city which serves as the centre of socio economic and political life of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The evolution of architecture and urban design in Bhopal, reflects a deep respect for its natural topography and sustainable planning practices.

The city has sustained in a healthy manner by continuously altering its existing built fabric to create an adaptable situation in response to the changing needs of its citizenry.

In past decades, Bhopal has been growing at an unprecedented pace, which has posed a major challenge for the planners, to contain the city’s growth within its planned framework. This has largely been guided and influenced by the building and planning principles being followed in the city.

Bye Laws in Bhopal

The buildings in capital city of Bhopal adhere to the guidelines given in Madhya Pradesh Bhumi Vikas Adhiniyam (Rules 1984), which states byelaws for cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, Bhopal Development Plan details out the area wise development and building restrictions which vary according to local context.

Floor Area Ratio / Floor Space Index (FAR / FSI)

FAR or FSI is the ratio of building’s total floor area to the size of the plot. It varies from city to city, and according to local conditions can vary within a city as well.

In case of Bhopal, the FAR/FSI can detailed out as per the land use given in master plan of the city. The Madhya Pradesh Bhumi Rules state the F.A.R according to different types of land use, and the same are followed in Bhopal.

FSI or FAR or Different Use Groups in Bhopal

F.A.R for Different Use Group
S.NoUse GroupF.A.R Remarks
1Residential F.A.R and density may be adopted as provided in the development plans of respective places.
2Commercial/Business1Neighbourhood Shopping centre
1.2Sub-district shopping centre
1.5Central Business district area
3Administrative Areas
6Industrial0.6Up to 250 sq. metres
0.55250-300 sq. metres
0.5300 sq. metres to 0.2 hectare
0.450.8-1.2 hectare
0.41.2-2.8 hectare
0.3Above 2.8 hectares

SOURCE: MP Bhumi Rules (Table 7, Rule 61)

S.NoUse Group AreaF.A.R
1ResidentialCentral Core1.75
Old City1.25-1.5
For plots situated along roads less than 10m wide, the FAR is to be reduced by 0.25.   
2CommercialCentral core2
Inner Ring Road2.5
Areas in between inner and outer ring roads with 60’ and above width2.5
Other roads less than 60’ width2
Outer Ring roads2.5
Gurubux ki Tallaiya area2.5
3Public Buildings and InstitutionsReligious and local bodies1.8
4Institutional Uses (may vary depending upon location and nature of use)Hospitals1.5
Health Centres1

SOURCE: Bhopal Development Plan, 2005

Locality Wise FAR or FSI - Bhopal

The F.A.R varies according to the land use category the area falls under according to the master plan. Most areas are a mix of residential, commercial and institutional spaces, with some industrial developments as well.

There is no set criteria for division of localities in the city, below are the F.A.Rs of some prominent localities of Bhopal, classified according to the land use of that particular area as observed from the master plan.

S.NoLocalityF.A.R (Residential)F.A.R (Commercial)F.A.R (Industrial)F.A.R (Institutional/ Public buildings)F.A.R (Educational)F.A.R (Administrative)
1M.P Nagar1.7520.5  1.5
2T.T Nagar1.752 1.81 
3Habibganj1.75  1.81 
4Arera Colony1.752 1.81 
5Char Imli1.752  11.5
6Chuna Bhatti1.75  1.8  
7Idgah Hills1.75  1.5 1.5
8Nehru Nagar1.752  1 
9BHEL1.75 0.3-0.4   
10Arera Hills1.75 0.5  1.5
11Malviya Nagar1.752 1.8  
12Koh-e-Fiza1.75  1.5/1.81 
13Jahangirabad1.75  1.8 1.5
14Kolar1.752 1.5/1.8  
16Shahpura1.752 1.8  
17Shahjahanabad1.75 0.6   
18GovindPura 20.3-0.41.8  
19Shivaji Nagar1.75     
20Gulmohar colony1.75  1.8  
21Shyama Hills   1.8 1.5
22Kotra Sultanabad1.75  1.8  
23Peer Gate Area1.752 1.8/1.5  
24Budhwara1.752 1.5  
25Piplani1.75   1