house construction in Mumbai at low budget

Let us learn a clever way to ignore some extra costs we incur when building a house in the city of dreams.

1.Choose the plot size wisely:

Based on your construction plans.

Consider the geographical condition of the site and the site surrounding study when purchasing. This helps to plan better orientation and usage of the plot Hence, cutting that extra wastage of resources.

2.Make no changes after the construction has begun:

Make sure you have a proper list of your requirements and a proper zoning of the spaces prior, all the approvals are done and you can start without any hindrances as it is said time is money and more expensive in cities like Mumbai.

3.You should think about saving money on finishing materials by purchasing them directly:

A client must conduct proper market research on material sources in order to reduce extra commission contractor charges in between.

4.Save money on machinery by simply not letting it idle.

A proper construction stage schedule helps to avoid the idle of machines rented from another party, which adds a significant cost to your total estimate.

Following are the stages to be followed while constructing your dream plot.

1.Paper Work:

The paper works are preparation of drawings, estimation of material cost, labour cost & contingencies,

approval of drawings from the City Development Authority.

2.Marking of Layout:

The approved plan boundaries are marked in the ground first and the ground inside and outside

 The layout is cleaned.


Suitable machines are used to excavate the earth for the making of foundation.

4.Foundation Work:

It involves compacting the ground, Pcc, footing reinforcement, Shuttering, Footing concrete,

column casting, Beam casting and ending it with slab.

5.Construction of Walls:

Walls are constructed using many materials such as brick, wooden, precast concrete and

many others. Before starting the wall construction the base of wall is constructed first using concrete or size stone



Nowadays, roofing is of reinforced cement concrete slab. Slab thickness & reinforcement details

should be according to approved drawings.

7.Plastering Work:

Mortar for plaster work is generally 1:3 or 1:4 is used. Thickness of plaster layer should not be

more than 0.75inch. Cure the surface for about 7 days. So that plaster gains proper strength.

8.Fixing of Doors and Windows:

In case of wooden doors & windows, frames are fixed in walls during masonry work.

Panels are then fixed with hinges after plaster work. Steel and aluminium doors are fixed after completion of paint works.

9.Fixing of Electrical and Plumbing Works and Tiling:

electrical and plumbing works are carried out before the final

finishing works such as painting and then followed by Tiling.

10.Painting and Finishing:

The stages ends here, We finish the spaces and groom it nicely for the client.

A city that does not sleep also has construction work rules.

To combat noise pollution and allow residents to live peacefully, the new rules prohibit construction work from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

 Try smart, and you can build a house on a budget in your city with Haapoh.

We are here to help you.