How to give your modern household the traditional Indian look

Everyone may ape the west, but having a traditional Indian look has its own charm. India is a country full of vibrant cultures and brilliant colours. If you start looking for Indian-ised houses, the options are endless. From Gujarati Bandhani to silk woollen carpets from Kashmir, it’s beautiful.

There are so many ideas and things you could do if you want to bring the Indian traditionality into your house. The options are endless. You not only can remodel it as per the Indian traditional look, but you could also redecorate your house, if you’re not that high on budget.

Wall Colors and designs to give Indian Look to a House

Rich colour and texture are both key elements of Indian inspired home decor.

A bright sunshine yellow feature wall will bring about a natural look to your room. They have a homey feel to them and bring warmth into your house.

Indian Wall Colors & Designs

The classic cream/beige gives a very Indian feel. Cream has a rich texture and gives the entire room a subtle beauty.

Indian Wall Papers and Wall Design

These ethnic water mark based designs in light and dark hues of beige, and a deep blue border with Urdu words printed in white, conduces a traditional ethnic Indian look.

Indian Wall Designs and Wall papers

Wall art like bells, lamps, or Hindi words, produces an atmosphere, unmistakably Indian.

Indian Wall designs with Wall art like bells etc

Flooring Options to give an Indian Look to house

Carpets, rugs, ornamented tiles etc can come in various forms. Indianised ones make a huge difference to the entire room.

Woven handmade carpets made in rich colours, is a beautiful way to make your home more traditional. They are so beautiful and colourful, and you can choose it according to the colours of your house.

Woven Carpets for Indian Flooring

Traditional Indian patterns are used in a variety of things from handloom to henna. Why not on tiles? The variety is infinite, and it can do a wonderful job to add beauty to your house.

Printed tiles may not be unique to India, but certainly there are several designs you can have on these tiles so that they look Indian.

Indian Floor with designer tiles

Rangoli is an art, unique to India. They are brilliantly coloured and come in various sizes. Rangoli stickers are available in the markets which can be stuck on the floor where it’s visible.

Indian Rangoolii Floor Design

Furniture and Beds to give Indian Look

One can easily add richness and dimensions to one’s room by adding a variety of beautifully engraved furniture and beds.

Handprinted cabinets are quite unique to India. Not only are they vibrant and colourful, they also stand out and look breathtaking.

Indian Furniture for Home Interior 2

The design on this four-legged stool is inspired by the traditional Indian sarees. They bring about an authentic Indian appeal and look so beautiful.

Indian Furniture for Home Interior 3

This iron sofa with patterns engraved on it gives out a proper aesthetic look. The bright orange pillows and the cream colored sofa cushion gives a beautiful contrast to the deep grey.

Indian Sofa Design

These typically Indian charpais’ come in varieties of shapes and sizes. You can use it as a stool in your living room or on the patio. Or a longer one to lie on in your veranda, or simply to sit on wherever comfortable. They can be bright and colorful or even be made of brown jute strings.

Indian seating

Use Indian Look mattresses and Pillows

Mattresses, pillows and drapes are what bring colour into the house. Choosing them very carefully is essential.

This gorgeous curtain is inspired by the handprint pattern on Indian sarees. The colour combination white and golden is so elegant that it will bring about regality in your house.

Indian Curtain Design

Along with the brilliant white, the bright combination of colours used in the print makes it a very perky pick.

These pillows exhibit the variety of colours and combinations that are used in India. With gold and silver patterns in the vibrant colours, gives it an etheral look. The patchwork print makes it trendy and lively.

Indian Pillow and mattress Design

This form of Rajasthani handwork is one of the most appreciated ones in India. The golden thread used to border the artwork enhances every other colour used. The white background ensures that the focus does not deter from the illustrations.

Golden Boarder Indian Pillow Design

This is a retro Indian pattern, printed on this bedding set. The colour turquoise looks extraordinary with the several other little colours used in this beautiful set of bedding. The patterns on the pillows are undeniably Indian and truly bring out the vibrancy of the country.

18 - Indian Pillow and mattress Design 3

Velvety colours like blue, green, purple, pink, maroon and black are used. This bedding resonates a regal aura. The horizontal patterns in the quilt have very Indian prints on them and the interspersed use of gold simply makes it magnificent.

Indian Pillow and mattress Design 4

Indian culture is so vast and so vibrant that many different kinds of interior decors incorporate it within theirs. It’s rich colours and textures is the key to make any house more Indian.

 – Varshini Sudhinder