Guide to a Perfect vintage decor

We get you the perfect guide to achieve a vintage and royal decor to bring out the class and elegance that you’ve been secretly dreaming of every time you come across royal settings. It may look like an unachievable set up but following these easy guidelines you can create a breath-taking aesthetical vintage interior setup.

1. Furniture

This the most important factor when planning to go vintage and royal, the kind of furniture used bring about all the difference. Distressed, wooden, heavy and fuller furniture items add to the charm.

Intricate detailing, metal work, inlay work and carvings add further to the desired appearance as well add to the beauty of the décor.

Sofas with heavy metal work giving a vintage look for living room

2. Furniture Fabric

Fabric used for furniture plays quite a role in this décor style, suede, velvet and floral prints are always a hit, for an even more lavish feeling bed heads and sofa backs can be made of brocade patterns or silks.

Sofas covered with vintage cloth

3. Lights

It’s time for extravagant and lavish lighting fixtures, chandeliers add to the charm so does lamp and even lamp posts with detailed work, they add to the character of the décor. Textured glass colourful hanging lamps are used too.

Chandelier in living room to give a vintage look

4. Curtains

Velvet curtains over conventional wooden rods does the magic, but you can go for lighter curtains in pastel shades and floral prints.

Layering up can be done, with one layer being heavy and opaque and other being light and transparent which gives a rich look and also dual functionality while usage.

Vintage Styled Bed and Curtains in Bedroom

5. Paints and Wallpapers

Pastel coloured walls work well for an antique décor, it follows a simple rule of light pastel shades for dark furniture like dark wood furniture and darker pastel shades for light coloured furniture.

The colour of the room would also depend on the size of the room we preferably choose lighter shades for smaller sized rooms and vice-versa.

Textured wallpaper’s, sometimes even golden wallpapers with patterns work well, to achieve an ethnic look murals are used, which give a third dimensional element to the setup.

Paints and Wallpaper that give a vintage look to the house

6. Paintings

Wall sized large paintings, landscapes and portraits are preferred choice, they add to the grandeur. Family photos and paintings can be used too.

For an out of the box approach silk saree or detailed embroidered work can be framed and placed with coordination to the wall colour.

Painting and Sofa in Living room to give a vintange look

7. Architectural Elements

If you are looking forward to bring out changes which involve construction and renovation the following options can be kept in mind to create

1. Arches

Arch’s can be made along walkways and in between partition walls to give a more conventional approach and to further highlight the profligacy of the design.

Arch Separator between living and dining rooms

2. Windows

Large, wall sized windows for living room set up, intricate metal grills and stone jalli helps to add the delicacy and detailing of the scheme.

Large windows allow natural light to fall on the detailing hence enhancing it and naturally lighting the scheme.

Round shaped glass with design printed in Bathroom
Window in living room to give a vintage look

3. Ceiling

Ceilings can be detailed in this case, ceiling can be painted with various intricate pattern. Emphasis can be given by adding details like wooden boards, or creating plaster patterns and enhancing with paints.

Sloped ceiling with intricate patterns to give vintage look
Arch shaped roof with paintings to give a vintage look

4. Flooring

Preferred choice of flooring would be conventional chequered tile flooring. Alternatively, you could lay along marble and granite flooring with patterns , options such as stone inlay work is also available , in a modern day context wooden floor would also work well with the design scheme .

Corridor flooring and chairs to give it a vintage look

Now you can get the design you’ve always seen in movies and museums, by revamping your interior set up or even going a little ahead a making a few renovation’s, you can literally live your dream of living life king size with these ever-elegant vintage décor ideas.

– Anushree Bhattacharjee