How to add a Vintage Touch to your Home

The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live”. This popular saying by Albert Hadley stands true, even today. Some people might have a flair for modern designs with a minimalistic plan whereas others might feel that vintage décor is more subtle and simplistic. However, both the design types are very popular nowadays, especially those with a vintage touch in them.

Vintage living room decor

Using vintage décor gives you the added advantage of enhancing the aesthetic of any room of your house. The only problem that arises while using this décor type is, there are hundreds of furniture labelled as Vintage, that making the correct choice becomes next to impossible.

Whether a certain furniture is vintage or not

So here are a few tips to add a vintage touch to your homes, and get the desired elegance and charm that you are looking for.

Living Room Vintage Touch

Living rooms of any house are the easiest to add a vintage touch too, as there are numerous such furniture, being used from time immemorial, to add class and elegance to the living rooms. For instance, vintage mirrors are the most common furniture that are used nowadays to add vintage touch. They instantly grab the attention of your room. They can be placed in the middle of your room, to creating a feature wall, or can be placed above a mantle in a classic style.

Sofa and Chair vintage living furniture

The other vintage items used for thus kind of design include the Grandfather clock, which usually comes with a bell or chime, and provides a bigger and stronger impact on any corner in which it is placed. Chandeliers and vintage tablewares are the other common examples to name a few.

Kitchen Vintage Touch

You can easily change the modern look of your kitchen with slight changes and minor tweaks. Right from using a screened pantry door to changing to period lighting and making use of appliances which come with the retro look to using Fiestaware and jadeite dishes, the list is endless but promises to bring a welcome touch.

Using copper vessels and latern lights to give a vintage look to kitchen

Farmhouse sink, especially the ones with a gooseneck faucet is a great way to add a hint of vintage style.

Bathroom Vintage Decor

When it comes to styling and decorating your bathroom, bathtubs are the first thing which come to our mind. Bathrooms in the 1920’s were all about standalone tubs and they were designed with shiny metals like iron and copper. Not only ancient times, these tubs have squeezed their way up against the wall in the recent days as well.

Vintage Bathtub and Fittings

The other popular ways of introducing vintage touch to your bathroom include using old mirrors, especially the ones with distressed finishing, creating a picture gallery on one of the plain walls of the bathroom or even the Victorian style tiles for the floor, as they were a trademark in the ancient days.

Vintage Bathroom mirrors

Vintage touch for Ceiling

Vintage touch to the ceiling can be brought about by using chandeliers or by using period lighting in between beams. They not only make the room aesthetic, but also make it look more classy and elegant. We can also numerous types of vintage fans for our interiors.

Vintage chandelier

Thus, when it comes to adding elegance to the interiors of your house, there’s nothing that can match the power of vintage décor. Even the slightest of tweak towards this décor is worth it and reliable. It lets you travel back in time and gives you the ancient feel which our ancestors had experienced.

Period Lighting on Beams for a Vintage Look

– Sakshi Singh