How To Create A Perfect Home Office

A lot of people love working from their home for their offices and a lot of them have home jobs like content creators, bloggers, youtubers, writers and artists. Mostly people work from their bed by putting a laptop table on their bed itself, but it is not a long-lasting solution. So, they do not have a specially located office to go on daily basis so they have to work from their home.

But the problem arises as mostly in the modern apartment today we have limited space as we have a lot of storage to go and even if we have a large space it is important to dedicate a proper place for your office , the place from where you can work , when it is a defined space it becomes easier to interact and concentrate .

So, in this blog we will learn some of the smart ways to incorporate our small and dedicated office space at the comfort of our homes. You know no space is small enough, you just need to work smartly and find a space then again design it efficiently.

Tips for creating a perfect home office

1. Identify location for Home office

The very first thing which you obviously need to do is find a perfect location according to you. If you have a small space and you cannot dedicate a separate space for office you need to find a space from where you can take one – fourth of the space and create your works station there.

It can be from a living room , or if you feel you have people around your house and you will get disturbed working in living room , you can do this in your bedroom as well in front of the bed or near the cupboard, so depending on your agenda and your requirements you can fix a place also try to find a place which has ample amount of natural light , like near a window or a in home veranda , under the skylight etc.,

Find a space in your house which is empty or a space that requires something to be fit in it can also be as small as a 2 by 1 metres of space where you can easily fit a work table.

home office with storage, book shelves next to a open window
Home office in living room next to window

2. Choosing the right furniture

Now this would be the most important thing to keep in mind as you will have to decide what colour and size table you will put there like if you are a single person who has to work at your home office than the size should be small of course or if you are multiple people than you can organise a linear and long table with multiple chairs ,with some sheer partitions in between.

Also, you need to keep comfortable chairs, as you would be spending most of your time sitting on that it should be sustainable and make you feel comfortable. Furniture shape and size can also depend on the location and size of the space as well, but try to find the pieces which match the theme of the interior already done at your place.

Wooden colored office table and storage
Modern look home office with shelves on the top

3. Making use of old or Existing furniture

This is one thing that you can do when you do not have enough time or budget to look for the best furniture pieces for your home office. So that time you do not need to worry instead think smartly. Here are some options can you can work with: –

  • Old dressing table – If you have a dressing table that is placed in your bedroom or anywhere in your house that you seldomly use or it’s just a piece of furniture that you cannot throw out , then convert it into a work station , look out for a chair matching the height and requirements , also do not forget to look out for an electrical connection under it or make one for your system requirements.
  • Sometimes when you have less space you can customize some options like you can find a good carpenter and make him build a wooden board with a hinge on your bed itself , and then you can put a chair on the floor and your laptop and start working on it , and when you are not working it can go down on the side of your bed , this can be great option for those who doesn’t have enough space, plus you will have the privacy of your room? The only drawback is you cannot put up a proper computer system only the portables ones.
A foldable office table and storage that saves space
  • In the bedroom you can even use your existing study table, or your child’s study table beside the cupboard as your work station.
Existing study table to be converted into home office

4. Creating easily dismantable or removable partitions

When you want to work in the same space that you live in like living room or a dining area or even your bedroom, you want to occupy a single space for multiple use but at the same time you do not want to disturb other people than the best option is installing partitions.

So, The dividing partitions can be temporary like a wooden frame with jute or any jail, or a simple wooden plywood partition poles, a metal partition or even a curtain would work. In this way you will have your own space within the same room. You can even use a long book shelf as a partition, this will also give a room to your books.

A book shelf used as a partition for home office
cloth partition used as screen for home office

5. Choosing Colors and Decor for the home office

Enjoying your office space is very important for better productivity , so decorate this space as you like it , you can paint this space with your favorite colour if it’s a separate space from the other parts of your home or you have a partition in between , just try to keep the colours light or you can put pastel colours as well  like pastel blue , pink , green etc . You can put your favourite pictures here, or some posters or frames of quotes that motivates you to work.

Other than that, one thing you need to keep in mind is lightening i.e. the artificial lighting in your office space. You can install hanging led light pendant in a metal frame just over your work table or you can experiment with some good lamps, table lamps or floor lamps.

Lastly make sure you have a good background like you can put some plants, or hang some pendant lights, put a book shelf or just design or put a wallpaper if you have a wall behind your work station.

contemporary color theme and furniture for home office
home office with dark colored wall and pictures on top

6. Creating good ventilation for a home office

Another very important thing is to stay close to nature, this enhance your creativity as you are working from home, brings natural light and positive vibes in the space. First of course you should try to keep your workstation near a window so that you can enjoy natural light and greenery outside plus of course fresh air.

Otherwise we you cannot have your workstation on the window then you can bring in some natural interior plants near your work station , you c an put them in beautiful planters or hang them through the wall and ceiling , just stay close to nature as you are not going out of your house to work. If you have less space you can also install some nature inspired wallpapers on the wall.

A good ventilated office space
A well ventilated home office

– Asmita Madan