How to Create A Personalized Space In Your Home?

Every individual, despite their personality traits, requires a space designated for solitude, relaxation and unwinding. Many live in shared spaces craving for private nooks, where they could practice their hobbies, which are private like your bedroom, to pause the hustle-bustle. According to proxemics, the personal zone around a person is about 18 inches to 4 feet from the body.

Here are some inspirations to create your own spaces at home.

A personalized book shelf and dressing

1. Spiritual Space

A small pooja room, altar room, or a small spiritual space with crystals and candles could help begin the day in a holistic zone. It helps to relieve stress and maintain calm composure throughout the day. It could be designed in a tranquil corner of your living room. It could have a smaller yet comfortable seater with some indoor plants. The scale could be altered, depending on the number of people gathering and using the space.

A personalized spiritual corner inside a house

2. A Study / Library Space

An essential for bookworms, students or just professional people who have to work or study at home, a small library with a desk and chairs, or more comfortable furniture can be built. It could be donnish or lively and colours could play a pivotal role in setting the mood of the space. An iteration for gaming desk, etc.

A personalized study library space inside a home

3. Screened Porches and Semi Outdoor Spaces

If you have an area outside your abode which you can utilize and love spending your time in the outdoors, a screened porch or a patio would work. Adorned with fragrant flowers, a small table and screening from direct sunlight, this area could be perfect to read books or observe the garden.

If you are into sports, a small basketball hoop could be attached outside, just to practice baskets. Balconies or terraces can also be converted, by adding some cosy furniture, lighting and plants if required. Enjoying the fresh breeze, sunrise or sunset could alleviate one’s day.

A personalized outdoor space

4. Partitions

When there is a shortage of space, partitions could help differentiate between the two. For example, you could have a small study inside your bedroom divided by a partition. It allows you to concentrate and creates an aura in the space. One can get creative with the types of partitions and materials used. Shelves, screens, plants or a vertical garden and moveable room partitions can be used.

Partitions to create a personalized space inside a bedroom

5. Using Loft Beds

Shortage of space should not pose a reason for not investing in a private cranny. Today, there are many ways to design efficiently in small apartments where space is precious. In this case, loft beds are a great saviour when you have a high ceiling creating and saving space at the same time. Space below can be used as a personal cranny, for people pursuing hobbies with plenty of storage as well.

Loft space above bed designed as a personalized reading space

6. Decorating and Furniture Arrangement

Photo frames, artwork and paintings, colourful cushions, bohemian hangings (or whatever matches your vibe!) and, rugs could be added, preferably personal items. Personal items are nostalgic and bring in happy memories and good vibes.

Colours and type of lighting play an enormous part in setting the mood of an area. For example, warm sunlight could be beneficial in yoga or meditation rooms with walls painted with warm yellow.

Choosing the right furniture, upholstery, materials, sizes and finishes decide the spirit of the space. Chairs instead of a sofa set make the space more lively. Beanbags can be considered informal furniture, so it is a great option for private spaces welcoming friends. Choosing some scented candles and indulging in aromatherapy, could be the best stress-relieving part of your weekend.

Decorating personalized homes with accent wall painting and furniture

7. Existing Spaces can be Personalized

Personal space doesn’t have to be made from scratch, it could be imbibed into an existing space too. For example, a kitchen is a shared space that can be made with a personal touch. If you live alone, the kitchen is your domain.    Bathrooms are considered a sanctuary by many. If space permits one can add rugs, small succulents and fresheners. You could showcase your stamp or leaf collection, inviting guests over to check it out. Personal spaces don’t necessarily have to be private at all times.

Customized furniture in a personalized space

Going overboard with decorating might lead to cluttered spaces. Always think of a theme, colour and material palette before executing the design. You must remove anything which doesn’t enrich the area. Go on, design your personal space today!

– Asmita Kothari