How to repurpose An Empty Basement?

Basements are mostly constructed for earth sheltering and reducing heating and cooling costs, providing a room similar to the ones above ground. Typically, they are used for storage and maintenance in several households. However, basements are infamously known to be dark, dingy spaces that people hardly clean.

A second living room created inside a basement with sofa tv unit and work table

Before you plan to redesign your basement, conduct a quality check of floors, ceilings, foundations and walls. Plan your outlets and plumbing connections with caution. Most basements also lack enough headroom and waterproofing, to be converted into anything else apart from storage. There is a possibility of expanding your basement area as well if required.

 Now that a spotless base is ready, let us discuss some creative ways to repurpose them and add a lively new space into your home.

1. Kids Play Area

If you live in a big family with toddlers, probably the first idea to light up is to design a playroom for them. Kids create clutter with their toys and stationery, and therefore it gets difficult to manage and clean up the living room.

You can start by adding colourful rugs or play tiles, which is safe for kids to play on. A playroom needs to have plenty of storage to keep the toys in. Invest in lightweight quality kids furniture with bright lighting. To make the space lively, try using bright colours.

A kids play area in basement area

2. A den

Only kids don’t have all the fun, do they? A games room can be designed for adults, in the basement. A billiards or table tennis court with some seating space is a great way to start. You can invite your friends and family over for any game of your choice on a Friday night!

A pool table installed in basement area of a house

3. Media Room and Home theatre

Binge-watching movies in your home theatre? Sounds like a dream, but is super easy to design. A large plush sofa on a cosy carpet, a popcorn maker on the side or perhaps a kitchenette will work like a charm.

A big TV screen with a good audio system would add more oomph to space. Have some storage for snacks and drinks, I mean, what’s a home theatre without a mini-fridge?

An entertainment den home theatre created in basement of a house

4. A Second Living Room

Living rooms are the go-to space for gathering with family and yet feel so formal. The character and furniture arrangement is to welcome visitors, not kin. The basement space can be transformed into an informal living room. A powder room should also be accommodated in the basement therefore inspect plumbing and electrical connections carefully.

A second living room created in the basement of a house

5. Bar or Wine Cellar

Basement bars have become very popular lately. Basements provide the perfect environment for wine storage since we can control the humidity, lighting and temperature to age and ferment the wine. Materials can truly set the mood of the space. Is your revamped basement going to be a chill wine cellar or a glam mini-bar?

Bar or Wine cellar in basement area of a house

6. Study Area or Library

In this pandemic, we have seen a rise in the need for a work-from-home environment. A basement can be converted into a quiet study or workspace. Similarly, it can also be revamped into a cosy library.

Study Table and Library made in basement area

7. Collectables / hobby room

All of us have some unique hobbies. Some of us like to collect art, stamps and currency. Even living organic things like flowers and insects are collected by many. The first problem which arises is storage. Does your hobby need a separate designated room?

A hobby room with collectables kept in shelves in a cupboard

8. Guest Room

If rooms are scarce or you need a side hustle, basements can be furnished into apartments. If the area of the basement is above 500 sq ft, it could also serve as accommodation for students or low maintain

Finally, your basement can be a multipurpose room. It does not have to be a designated space. Circumstances and interests are fluid, and your new corner can reflect the same.

Guest bedroom made in basement of a house

9. Home Gym

For people obsessed with fitness and workouts, a gym feels like a necessity. The heavy equipment would not feel out of place in your home.

House gym in basement area with natural lighting from ceiling

10. Utility Room

Apart from storage, there are several other small spaces such as laundry rooms that need to be hidden from plain sight. Such spaces can be accommodated in the basement.

Utility area with washing machine and dryer installed

There are so many different options out there, remodelling and renovating your basement can truly be an adventure. Happy converting!

– Asmita Kothari