5 Innovative Ideas Involved in a Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment also known as an efficiency apartment is a flat that contains only one main room with a separate Toilet Bathroom. The room is a small apartment which combines all the necessities like the kitchenette, Bedroom and living room together into one room without walls.

Only the toilet bathroom consists of walls. Studio apartments have gained popularity as they are inexpensive and are in the demand among the bachelors, newly marrieds, students & Artists. Keep on reading to know how you can fill your studio apartment with innovative ideas and make it efficient to an optimum level.

Idea#1. Zoning Different Spaces in One Room

In a normal flat it’s quite easy to separate the moods as every room is isolated with the help of walls. Whereas, in a studio apartment all the functions and spaces are merged together, that is why it becomes a bit difficult yet is very interesting.

You need an entrance that is welcoming and a buffer space, a working space with all the supplies (food) that keeps you active and encourage you to work hard and a cozy, comfort, peaceful & a relaxing space for the bed to sleep and doze off. Remember! You are doing this is a single main room.

The below image is a great example, where the buffer zone of entrance, toilet & bathroom are merged together. The bedroom is placed in the corner that is creating a cozy space and a passage. The living room is merged with the working area and kitchenette that ensures all the supplies.

The top left corner also has a cycle with a view to keep you fit and productive. Therefore, strategic placement always ensures good zoning and great functionality at optimum level.

Studio Apartment Design

Idea#2.Creative way of partition

As one room has three functions to perform, you can use partitions to separate them. Partitions are used mainly to separate the sleeping area that consists of the bed. Instead of building a solid internal wall that takes enough of the carpet area away.

There, you can use a screening, a partition that separates as well as acts as a library, a long study/working table or hanging partition like the curtains. As a result, using the already placed furniture which caters one function can be used to cater two resulting in high efficiency of the space.

If not partition, you can just use a rug for designating the bedroom space from the remaining floor area by placing the rug below the bedroom space.

Creative way of Partition

Idea#3. Placing Sofa and Bed The Right Way

Usually we don’t give much preference to furniture placement. It is not necessary that all the furnishings of the studio be placed linear or parallel to each other. In a small place you wouldn’t prefer to see the same setup every second while sitting on the sofa or while sleeping on the bed.

As you are in one room most of the time. The sofa and bed can be placed facing the opposite walls that makes it quite interesting and different in terms of providing a different view, all day. Encouraging a different flow of circulation as well and avoiding a monotonous feeling.

Placing Sofa and Bed the right way

Idea#4. Using Transformable Furniture

Every space counts. Yes! Studio apartment is where you can apply all the innovative ideas of saving space and when one wants to save space, transformable furniture is the answer. A living room by the day, a bed during the night.

Similarly, one can use study table for work, transform it into a dining space during lunch at dinner time and again transform it into study table. The same can be done with a center table.

These furniture are readily available and just have to be placed and taken advantage of without putting in too much thinking and hard work making life easier.

Using Transformable Furniture

Idea#5. Make The Space Look Spacious

Small details play a very important role in making the space look larger. Incorporating natural light & light colors is always the best way to guarantee the sense of a larger room. White color on the walls and ceilings makes a lot of difference in making the space look spacious.

The color of the furniture adds on to the graph of the spacious element. Strategic placement of windows with natural light and a pinch of green plantation make the space more desirable and comfortable.

Making the space look spacious

Studio apartments are the answer to affordability with just one problem i.e. less carpet area. But it also provides us with scope of having a creative approach towards solving the problems of small space.

The above ideas can be applied with no second thinking as they make life easy and comfortable to an optimum level.

These ideas can also be applied to a small one room kitchen as well as any other small space as it comes with a lot of flexibility.

– Ovais Bhati