How to Install Aluminium Windows Properly?

  1. Check the material of the window is as per specification & drawing.
  2. Weight per meter of the sections should be checked before power coating.
  3. Bearing used should be as per specification.
  4. Plumb, level & Diagonal of opening should be checked.
  5. The opening should be ready to have the window frame.
  6. Check if details of sub frame if any
  7. The frame should be fabricated to its dimensional accuracy.
  8. The frame should be fixed stable to the walls.
  9. The frame should be fixed in plumb, line & level.
  10. Wool pile should be fixed properly out to out.
  11. Rubber packing should be fixed properly out to out.
  12. Sufficient horizontal drain holes should be done to the frames in the bottom track.
  13. Gap around the frame should be sealed properly with approved silicon sealant.
  14. Level, Plumb, and Diagonal of individual panel should be OK.
  15. Handles, hinges, bolts, peg stays, locks, fly proof mesh should be checked for its functioning.
  16. The shutters should be function smoothly.
  17. Check for Removal of Protective plastic Coating & Cleaning of the Aluminum Window before Handing Over

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