How to Install Kitchen Platform (Ota) Properly?

Step By Step Procedure to Install Kitchen Ota Properly

  • Detailed drawing should be available.
  • The position & marking of vertical & horizontal supports should be marked on wall as per drawing
  • All chiseling work for vertical & horizontal supports should be complete before plastering.
  • The chiseling for sufficient bearing should be done by cutter machine only
  • The vertical support should be in line & plumb
  • Fixing of sub base of platform on the vertical support should be in line & level
  • Ensure that the nahani trap should be fixed at sink bottom & sealing of the hole of outlet in wall with rich cement mortar
  • Ensure that proportion of mortar should be 1:6
  • Height of platform should be as per drawing from FFL.
  • Facia should be as per details shown in drawing & should be anchored with clits (washer).
  • A slot should be left for gas pipe line in kitchen platform.
  • Hole should be drilled in platform for inlet & outlet pipes.
  • All joints should be filled with joint filler
  • All edges of the top should be rounded off & polished
  • Top of platform should be covered with POP
  • Cleaning should be done properly
  • Curing should be done for min 3 days