Is Building a House Better Than Buying a House?

Owning your own home is one of the top life pleasures that you get to enjoy. As you can design, decorate, and do a lot of things without any worry only in your own home. It is a big investment in life so you cannot just decide like that whenever to build it by yourself or buy it.


Today in these fast-paced lives where people already have the stress of work and life they hardly have time to invest in the thinking of building a home by themselves.


They mostly find a broker and try to get the best possible house on the preference of their budget, location, and area.


But many people do not know the hidden consequences behind buying a home then building it, you might do a big mistake in your life if that home investment doesn’t stand up to the mark, so you must make this decision by having a thorough knowledge about it. 

So in this article, we will let you know the benefits of building your house rather than buying it. Let’s check them out:-

1. More Worth for Money

When you build your own house the money you spend worth’s more than the money you spend on buying a house because of few reasons which are:-

  • Through many pieces of research it has been found that the already existing home built by builders costs you 25% more than the self-built home, so you never know on what basis they are charging you extra than the building cost itself.
  • Generally, they charge you higher commissions and profits by tangling you in things like they have used high-quality materials but usually that extra price is just extra the higher rate of commission they charge.
  • You have to pay a lot of money to a broker while searching for your ideal home.
  • You can always save more money by smart planning, buying the material on a work basis rather than buying in bulk, also a good architectural service can explain you a lot more tricks to use money smartly while building your home.  

2. Option To Customize the House

The biggest advantage of building your own home is you can customize your needs and preferences however you want them to be.

No matter how much you search to buy an ideal home but there will always is something that you will have to settle for as you wouldn’t have any other option? But when you build your own home you have freedom over everything to be according to you and your family needs, like:-

  • You can customize your layout however you want it to be based on your family requirements.
  • You can choose your choice of materials from cabinets, flooring options to sinks, lighting, and paint color everything can be picked up personally by you.
  • You also have the liberty of where to put what and whatnot. For e.g in already build up the house if fits your needs but it might have excessive interior in a certain space but you do not want it to be equipped with so many materials but you will eventually have to pay for that design, this way you can eliminate all these things in when you build yourself.

3. Lower Maintenance

When you buy a house many homeowners offer you a limited period of warranty over the installed systems like plumbing, electrical, and others.

But when you build your own home you usually built it by following recent building codes and norms which will have up-to-date technology, so you won’t have to worry about the big repairs or huge maintenance issues at least for the first few years.

Also in the already build houses you do not know if the quality of the material that has been promised is real or fake. There are many incidents where the bought home does not stand up on the value it has been paid for.

4. lower Energy Costs

Since you build your own home by choosing the best possible materials and fixtures in the market you tend to research more on things like quality, costs, and energy saving.

So as you build according to the recent norms you are more likely to buy the most energy-efficient fixtures like lighting, plumbing, and electrical so you tend to save more energy smartly.

Whereas in the already build houses you do not know what will be your future energy expenditure based on the already existing fixtures. 

5. Zero Competition

The biggest drawback of buying an ideal house is the time you need to invest to buy the most ideal house according to your needs. And there are high chances your needs and preferences would clash with someone other.

As the houses are the limited probability of them getting fly out of your hands is higher considering the high competition. Whereas if you have your land you can get the construction started wherever you want without any fear of competition.

6. Quality Assurance

In an already built-up house you have no control over the materials they have used, you might regret your decision once you start living in it and one day or the other you discover new faults in the house.

But when you self-built you assure that your architect/builder uses the best quality materials so that you do not have major problems soon after starting your living.

7. Enhance Your Local economy

By self-building you not only do a lot many favors to yourself but also your local construction workers like local builders/architects, tradespeople, and many laborers.

As constructing a house takes a lot of time you will sort of fulfilling social responsibility by giving jobs to the workers and professionals of your region within that course of time.

So these were the few ways through which you must consider building your own home rather than buying of course it might involve a lot of time and effort but the feeling you get while putting everything on your own home while building it is really peaceful, you get to learn a lot and be your own architect.

You get to learn a lot about every service through which the house works. Though still the decision lies in the hand of homeowners were these points should definitely be considered before taking such a big financial step in your life.

– Asmita Madan