Landscape Lighting : Highlight Your Garden Area

These days our gardens demand much more than what we have to offer them. They are not merely about pavers and plant beds – decks, signature seating and beautiful lighting. Landscape lighting is an integral part and parcel of our backyards and gardens. They serve not only to illuminate the garden walkways for better security and movement, landscape lighting can also be used to create desired moods and atmosphere in the garden.

Landscape Lighting to brighten up your gardens

Types of Landscape Lights

1. Path Lights

Path lights refers to one of the most common type of lighting which is, as suggested by the name, used to illuminate pathways in a garden, the walkway up to the house, a linear planter bed and lining of decks for safety.

Path Lighting or Walkway Lighting

2. Spot Lights

Best used to highlight certain features, such as objects of appealing visual interest – spotlights are used on trees and shrubs, sculptures and pots.

Spot Lighting to highlight any features in the garden

3. Deck Lights

These are special kinds of lights which illuminate the edges of the decks in our gardens and courtyards. These lights can be designed to look aesthetically very pleasing besides maintain the function of providing safety of movement.

Deck Lighting to Highlight elevated Pathways and seating areas

4. Well lights

Well lights have a plain aesthetic purpose and work well for planters and flower beds as well as if you wish to highlight certain architectural features, such as a special wall façade or a piece of art.

Well Lights to highlight plants and any architectural features

5. Inground Light Fixtures

In-ground light fixtures are those that are dug somewhat into the ground and are filled halfway with gravel to enhance the light emitted from the source. Though you may need help from an electrician for the wiring bit, in-ground fixtures are a total delight to the eye and are sure to earn you brownie points in terms of home décor!

Inground Lighting Fixtures in Garden Area

6. Solar Landscape Lights

If you are looking for an economical solution to landscape lights, then solar landscape lighting is the answer. They do not require artificial electricity to run and can be charged using solar energy itself. How amazing it is that these lights absorb sun’s useful energy all day long and then glow after sunset. Ideally, batteries of landscape lights can work for up to 15 hours once they are fully charged.

Solar Landscape Lighting in Garden area

There are several advantages of solar landscape lighting – for one, the light they provide is white and dazzling. Secondly, setting up these light fixtures is not a tough job for anyone. Since they are electricity independent, you do not have to worry about staying put in the dark outside, even if the indoors are out of current. Besides being eco-friendly and low-on-maintenance, solar landscape lights can reduce expenses and are pocket-friendly too!

Strategic Points of Placing Landscaping Lights

It is important, while designing the landscape lighting of the garden, where you want these lights in multiple layers to be placed and how. Landscape lighting can work wonders not only to enhance garden features, but also to focus on the architectural characteristics of the house. There are various zones where these landscape lights can be strategically placed. Let us have a look where.

1. On Branches of trees

Various types of lights such as well, bullet and floodlights can be used to highlight tree trunks and their foliage. It is very important to light up both the foliage as well as the trunk to avoid the tree looking oddly placed in the garden. Downlights are the best kind of lighting for such a purpose.

Lighting on Trees

2. On Planter Beds

When illuminating planter beds, it is important to illuminate the positions of different flowers and colourful foliage at intervals, instead of lighting up in a continuous band.

Lighting inside plan flower beds

3. Facade of the House

If your house façade possesses rich architectural features such as stone work and inlay, ornamental brackets and so on, it is a good idea to illuminate and highlight these features by using appropriate landscape lights. The best kind of lights suited for this job are bullet lights and wash lights. Bullet lights are useful for enhancing corners and details, while wash lights can be used to fill up the gaps in between.

Lighting on External Facade of the house to highlight garden area

4. on garden Walls

Garden walls can be brilliant works of stone in rubble or ashlar. Or, they may be brick walls in unique and aesthetic bonds. In any case, it is important to highlight such works in a garden, which is best done with well lights and flood lights. These lights bring out the texture in a wall beautifully and remarkably.

Lighting in Garden Walls

5. On Crucial Points

There might be certain spaces in the garden, such as an attractive fountain or a beautiful piece of art and sculpture which deserves due attention. This is done best with the help of floodlights, bullet lights and was lights. Light beams from two opposing sources can also produce shadows after crossing and make the central piece shine.

Lighting on Steps in Landscaping area

– Sourav Suman