List of Plants That You Can Grow Indoors

Having a beautiful green indoor space can brighten up your home and is known as a mood boosting element also they create a positive environment at your home by removing all the air pollutants from your space . Some of the Indoor plants are also very easy to maintain and it can also take care of your health by creating a pleasant indoor environment. These plants require very limited amount of water and sunlight. Space is also not an issue for these plants as they can get adjusted in a corner or on a work table or just near by the window. The best part is that you get variety of options to choose from according to your requirements.

So if you are planning to have some indoor plants, this is a little guide for your green personalised green space in your indoors. Also do not get scared by their scientific names they all have some common names.

List of Indoor Plants you can Grow in Your Office/Home

1. Z Z plant

ZZ plant or zamioculcas zamiifolia, it is a very attractive plant with wide dark green leaves, it’s waxy, smooth leaves reflects the sun light. It’s also a very low maintenance plant, with a very minimal water requirement i.e. once in a week, just don’t put it in direct sun light. It looks very attractive in house and office and removes xylene, toluene, and benzene (some aromatic solvents in some common chemical substances around us)from the air.

ZZ plant Indoor
ZZ plant Indoor-2

2. Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Ficuslyrata commonly known as Fiddle-leaf fig, is one of the most beautiful indoor plants, as it has slightly curved leaves which make it different from other. It also helps in regulating the indoor environment by controlling moisture content. It doesn’t require direct sunlight, it just need a well eliminated space.It’s leaves are large violin shaped and heavily veined, which looks very attractive in corners of the room.

Fiddle Fig Leaf Plant in a Pot

3. Snake Plant

It’s a very beautiful plant with sword like foliage and is an excellent choice for indoor as it efficiently removes carbon mono-oxide from the air. The leaves of this plant have a rich green colour in middle and pale yellow on edges. It’s also very easy to maintain plant that doesn’t require lots of watering and can stand direct sunlight but indirect low sunlight is ideal. A perfect plant for your office desk or your work from home desk.

Indoor Snake Plant
Snake Plant in a Plot-2

4. Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum, commonly known as the peace lily, is not actually lily but a low maintenance adaptable indoor plant it can reach up to a height of three feet with big, bold leaves. They give beautiful white flowers which everybody loves. It’s preferable to put it in a partially shady area and with a well moist soil. Just remember to put it in a place that’s out of reach to pets.

Indoor Peace Lilly Plant

5. Areca Palm

Dypsis Lutesnens or Areca palm is very loved indoor plant that’s available in different sizes, It also don’t require direct sun light and needs watering once in three or four days, just make sure the soil is moist. It efficiently removes toxic pollutants like formaldehyde, toulene and benzene which can create immunity related problems. So, it’s a healthy green friend for you. This is one of the most commonly found plants in modern homes.

Areca Palm in a Pot-1
Areca Palm in a Pot-2

6. Monstera

Monstera Obliqua or the hurricane is one of the most favourite indoor plants. It’s a fast growing plant with cut-leaves pattern with adequate air cleaning properties. It just need a moist soil to grow on and doesn’t require too much of water just once in a three days gap. It can be placed anywhere, it can withstand direct and low light too.This indoor plant can be your next favourite as it is too beautiful to handle. They are slightly heavy as they have long and wide leaves so you must keep it on floors on a in a wide plant pot which can be put on a powerful stand.

Monstera Plant in a Pot-1
Monstera Plant in a Pot-2

7. Dracaena Reflexa

Also commonly known as the song of India .It’s a very popular house hold plant, as it enhances the environment of the place with its dark and light green coloured leaves and a red stain in its stem. It is a fairly simple to care plant with drought tolerant properties, just don’t allow soil to dry out. It’s also an air cleaning plant that eliminates the harmful elements from the air.

Dracaena reflexa in a pot

Indoor Plants that You can use for Decoration Purposes at Your House, Office Or Commercial Spaces

8. Spider Plant

It is considered as the most adaptable and easy going house plant, also easiest to grow. The leaves grow from centre spreading to surrounding area like long leg spiders hence the name. It is available in green and some other colors. This plant can survive in any condition and it hardly gives any problem other than the brown tips.

Spider Plant in a pot

9. Jade Plant

Jade is considered to be a symbol of good luck. It is a very beautiful plant which has small circular leaves, and it will instantly enhance the look of your working desk. This plant requires medium to full sun, so either place it near the window or put it in your balcony or veranda for a few hours every day. Water in 3 – 4 days when you see the soil getting dried.

Jade Plant in a Pot-2
Jade Plant in a Pot

10. Rubber Plant

This plant is used to make rubber hence the name. The leaves of this plant are medium sized and for a house plant this is a great choice. This can be either put in a small pot in your indoors or in a big pot in your balcony where it can grow up to 5 feet. This plant naturally grows well in moist and cloudy weather, this plant is also disease free and easy to maintain, just the milky substance coming from the leaves is harmful for pets and children so keep it away from them.

Rubber Plant in a Pot-1
Rubber Plant in a Pot-2

11. Pothos/Money Plant

We all know it is the easiest indoor plant to grow. You can easily find it in every other house near you. They have beautiful heart shaped leaves sometimes having pale yellow textures in between. Some common colours of this plant are golden pothos, neon pothos, marble pothos etc. The best part about them is they can easily grow in soil and water. You can even plant them in a bigger pot so that they can also climb up. It requires a minimal amount of sunlight so you can keep it anywhere in shade.

Pothos or Money Plant-1

12. Phillodendron Plant

This plant can just lie anywhere in your house without complaints, be it in a cozy corner of your living room or it can even hung on small pot on the wall. It looks quite similar to pothos plant the difference is just that pothos have larger waxy leaves and this being smaller. In the proper conditions like occasional supply of water, a shady place and good soil can make it grow till 10 feet. This can be a great plant option if you have high shelves or even when you have less space and you need a hanging plant.

Phillondendron Plant in a pot-1

13. Anthurium

Commonly known as flamingo flower plant it is a beautiful plant with red flowers this red flower is actually the spathe of the plant, spathe is actually a modified leaf which looks gorgeous just like a flower. This plant can tolerate all levels of indirect light, but anthuriums in low light will have fewer flowers and will grow slower. This plant cannot tolerate direct light as it can burn the leaves. You need to water your anthurium plants regularly but don’t over water.

Anthurium Plant in a Pot

14. Succulents

Succulent is any plant with thick fishy water storing capabilities. They can store water in their leaves, stem and roots. They need bright light and less water. Watering them once a week is enough, as they demand minimum maintenance making the perfect choice for indoors. You can decorate them them with planters made up of ceramic, metal or jute or you can even use some hanging planters and hang them near by the window or in your balcony area. You can also keep them in small pots on your working desk or even kitchen. Just make you’re the place is having bright light.

Succulents Indoor Plants

– Asmita Madan