Painted floors in interior design

Painting wooden flooring in tiles format in Living room

What’s a home without colours? Those bright and cheery or subtle and dazzling hues seem to have an unflinching right over the walls and the ceiling, the furnishing and the furniture, the décor and the doors. Wait, why leave floors behind? Floors can be as much swathed in cheery hues to complement the interiors and to uplift the mood of the interiors!

Flower pattern design flooring painting in Bedroom

Painted floors have an upper hand over conventional flooring, in that they are low on maintenance and long lasting. They are no doubt very stylish too. However, going for a painted floor needs some tips and tricks which you better keep handy. Here’s all about it.

Painted floor Ideas for your Home

Paint the Stairway

Painted Staircase Risers

What if we suggest drifting away from the monotony of a stairway by breaking it into an array of colours. You could paint the staircase in fun and cheery ways to add an element of interest in an otherwise balanced surrounding. Each riser can be lent a different colour. Alternate risers can be painted in the same hue resulting in a beautiful and eye-catching pattern. The only thing you will have to be cautious about is that since stairs are one of the most frequently and roughly used areas of the house, the paint needs proper sealing to prevent it from chipping and cracking.

painting a Patterned Rug

Rug Designs in Paint on Floors

Indian homes are incomplete without the richness of ethnicity. These ethnic designs can be mirrored in the form of area rug designs with the help of paints. You can choose a special zone of the house, either where an element of attention is required or where the flooring is not very attractive. Painting on floors can be used to cover up dents and marks and also ta make cheap flooring look much more attractive.

Rough and Crude Look Painted floor

Rough and crude look with faded paint flooring

After painting a floor preferably in neutral colours to add beachy vibes to it, you can deliberately allow scratches and rough marks to add on it to create an extra special effect in the form of a distressed appearance which goes just perfectly with a house that has a lot of airiness and lightness to offer.

painting Shapes and Motifs

Flower pattern design flooring painting

With painted flooring you can go for different motifs and repetitive patterns. You can create adorable and bright patterns by playing with shapes and colour. If you want to give a special regional touch to the space, you can stick to elements that are integral to the architecture of the region.

Rajasthani Jalli pattern painted floors in bathroom

For example, in a Rajasthani style house, detailed motifs such as those in their weaves or patterns of jaaliworks and decorations commonly used in their houses can be chosen as an inspiration for the floor paint. The same goes for regions like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Kashmir to name a few.

Patterns Never End

Checkboard patterns in Kitchen in yellow and white

The world of patterns for floor painting sees no end. You can go for one of the most popular designs in checkerboard patterns, or you might want to use stencilling for creating flowery motifs. You can also go for scribbling some calligraphic words to add a special charm.

Painting Balconies in Tiles Format

Go through home design magazines to grab hold of an idea or two. Be it poetry, random shapes, abstract art, repetitive patterns, motifs, colour combinations, overlapping layers or playing with lines, there is a lot to browse through and choose from!

Which Paint is the Best for Floor Painting?

3D pattern floor painting

There are a few important considerations to look out for when choosing the correct paint fro the home. 

You certainly want long lasting results and hence the paint must be of durable and resistant character. 

Secondly you want a healthy indoor environment for the house which you wouldn’t want to compensate for because of some random attractive floor design. Hence, no VOC paints are an important consideration too. 

\Water-borne alkyds are a good solution to this crisis because besides liberating less of toxic gases, it can provide you with the desired finish – gloss, matte – even comparable to other alkyd paints.

– Sourav Suman