20X35 House plan east Facing || 2 BHK Plan-003

  • Plot Size: 700
  • Construction Area: 1500
  • Dimensions: 20 X 35
  • Floors: 2
  • Bedrooms: 2

About Layout

This 2 BHK duplex bungalow is perfect for a relatively small plot of just 25X30 feet. It accommodates one bedroom on each floor. Both bedrooms are spacious with luxurious bathrooms. The living spaces are small and cannot accommodate a large dining table.  However, both floors have one living room, giving privacy to those living on each floor. The stairs are placed outside the house, near the single car parking. Although the ground floor doesn’t have much open space, the first floor has a large open terrace and a balcony.  

Vastu Compliance

This 2 BHK duplex house plan is ideal for an east-facing plot. The southwest corner is considered the Agni corner, where the kitchen is ideally located. The living room is placed in the west direction, which is good for natural lighting.  The bedrooms on both floors will be in the South-West Corner of the Building which is the most ideal position giving good ventilation. The beds will face the south direction, which is perfect according to Vastu. The only drawback is that plan has a total of nine doors, which is not ideal. To make the number even, the kitchen door can be replaced by an arch.


Living Room 2Dining Room Nil
Bedroom 2Kitchen 1
Bath 2Parking 1
Doors 9Windows 8