22X35 House Plan Design North Facing || 3 BHK Plan-006

  • Plot Size: 770
  • Construction Area: 770
  • Dimensions: 22 X 35
  • Floors: 1
  • Bedrooms: 3

About Layout

This 3 BHK duplex house design leads straight to the open living and dining spaces, which are shared in a huge space. Ideally, this layout can accommodate one car with space for walking and entry before it. The kitchen is separated by an arch and is quite spacious. It has a nice view of a backyard which can be used for gardening.  The toilets on the ground and first floors are common and are not attached to the bedrooms. The living room on the first floor has an open terrace and a balcony attached to it. The entrance to the first floor is from outside the building.

Vastu Compliance

This 3 BHK duplex house floor plan is ideal for a north-facing plot. The north direction is considered auspicious according to Vastu. In a plan like this, the entrance can easily be placed on the north side. The southwest corner is considered the Agni corner, where the kitchen is ideally located.  The living room is in the northeast corner, which is, again, ideal as per Vastu. Moreover, the bedrooms on both the ground and first floors will be in the southwest corner. The beds will face in the south direction in line with the Vastu principles. Lastly, the total number of doors is eight, which is both even and not ending with zero. So, it adheres to the Vastu principles. 


Living Room 2Dining Room 1
Bedroom 3Kitchen 1
Bath 3Parking Nil
Doors 11Windows 10