Semi Open Space as Openness and Connectivity to the External Space

Semi-open space means folding up the buildings and providing framed views while still having the spaces in hidden. The inside outside space of the complex can create dramatic spaces for interaction. Space is created by a specific set of natural and artificial things. Spaces have various levels of extension and surrounding. Design of semi-open and open spaces is directly related to the building’s edge to the city. Semi-open spaces are more than playing fields and active recreation zones. They are small cut outs which provide passive recreation opportunities such as pathways for strolling, benches for reading or bird watching.

The transition between inside and the outside of any building is very important as it reflects the position (not physically) the building takes in relation to the common man

Types of Semi-Open Space

  1. Semi-Open Living Room

Even though the exterior is covered in concrete blocks, the inside is not limited to any one space. Sure it has concrete floor with the cut outs, the use of metal and different glass can make it more open and transparent illusion, giving the interior a sleek but warm feeling. 

  1. Corridor

The corridor features repeated openings giving the corridor a gradual and flowing rhythm. The ceiling can be style with the use of light contrasting or going with the outside environment. Making the corridor open and in relation to the outside environment is very important.

  1. Courtyard

The concept of courtyard in architecture has been around for ages. Courtyards were an integral part of dwelling during the Indus valley civilization. Courtyard is open to sky and enclosed by the walls. It helps in reducing the impact of climatic variations, utilizing the light and orienting air circulation are the other benefits of the courtyard.

  1. Pergola

This beautiful structure is a wonderful way to define your outdoor space without closing it and connecting it with the indoor space. A pergola makes a versatile addition to any outdoor living area because it can be customized to fit the style of your yard, whether it’s formal or casual. The freestanding poolside pergola can create a focal point.

  1. Skylight

Skylight, Roof opening covered with translucent or transparent glass or plastic designed to admit daylight. Often the skylight, or a portion of it, functions as an operating window to admit air. The skylights and shaped section can also be determined by the material character of the house. The lights can play between an abstract shape and other elements like lights and ceiling.

  1. Open Well

Light wells were a typical way to gain natural light in an urban building. Reflections from the polished surface can create the illusion of extra sunlight, illuminating the room. So for interior space material like stainless steel can be used. Natural light can bring the warmth into a space. A light well is not just an opening in the roof to the sky, but a whole volume extracted from the total volume of the building for light and air circulation.

  1. Terrace

Terrace means opening up the existing shell of the structure and flooding it with the natural light.  Terrace defines the spaces that connect the interior spaces with the outdoor areas.  Having a beautiful garden in the middle of a busy city is very refreshing and you can imagine that in your own semi open garden. On a terrace you can also install a Jacuzzi or even a pool making the space more stylish. The wall separating the two areas can be removed and transparency can be achieved with different materials.

Semi-Open Space Example

  1. Thissemi-enclosed space offers all the comforts of home, making the space apart but still the part of the design as the elements are continued from the enclosed to the semi enclosed space including doors that fold out of the way during climatic requirements.

  1. Whether a small house or a beautiful mansion, terraces are treasured splendour. Extending living area with nature welcomed open armed inside is breath taking. Terrace is one such space of home where a person sits down and wants to shed all his tensions and feel like heaven.

  1. An “extensive” green roof, on the other hand, is a thinner, lighter, version of semi-open space. Green roof provides valuable outdoor space for the inhabitants of the building in order to replace the ground lost to the construction of the building. The two space with different identity is creating new history.

  1. Openup your space with a frameless screen or with the bamboo partition. Replace a shower curtain with modern frameless or semi-frameless glass to visually open up a small room.  It can be shower area , pool area or any relaxing area  Semi – open bath area can be stuning space of your home.

-By Rakshika Borana


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