Can House Construction be Started in Rainy Season?

Congratulations! that you have decided to build your own home.

Today, buying a home off the shelf comes with a higher price tag. The average self-build home is economical by 30% than the one we can buy from a builder directly. If you have booked a home which is in construction stage from the builder, the time required to get possession would be three times or more, in comparison to what you can build on your plot.

On 20 July 2017, Times of India (TOI) shared a data saying that average area of flats have shrank by 16% in last two years. This means that building a home on your plot is the most economical and safest bet in today’s date.

Above all the design, layout, configurations and specifications can be opted /chosen to match your personal needs/future requirement and lifestyles.

Is monsoon the right time to initiate house construction?

Yes, very much right time, the reason is as follows:

To initiate house construction the following process are kicked off and these are not depended on weather conditions, you may also get rebate on many services , as you initiate your dream house construction in monsoon

  1. Architectural designs to be worked out – Typically it takes 15 days to a Month to finalize
  2. Architectural plan finalized has to be put up for Government body approval (Municipality) – This requires an optimistic time of a month or two.
  3. Estimated budget can be prepared for forwarding to banks for loan requirements,if required.
  4. After 1 and before 2 you may have to search for the contractors who may take care of the execution part and shortlist few.
  5. Post approval of working drawings, the contractors would submit you with a quote. Comparing the pricing structure of different contractor and finalizing the right one Typically require a fortnight.

If you decide to initiate building your own home in monsoon, the backend work requires typically 3 to 04 months. So if you start your planning in the monsoon, the construction work at site will start  construction works at your plot starts can as monsoon start descended or would have completely gone.

Precautions For Carrying Construction Work During Monsoon

If you are done with the backend work (design and documentation) and are ready to execute (break the ground) in monsoon, You must take following precautionary measures to continue your construction works in Monsoon

  1. Good storage godown for cement at site.
  2. Temporary electrical for construction works to be fully secured to avoid any mishap.
  3. De-watering pump to remove water from excavated footings.
  4. Plan for concrete works with inputs from local meteorological office . also keep tarpaulins ready to cover concrete in case of intermittent rain showers.

04 months  of monsoon saved can give us possession early possession of our dream house.

Monsoon is good for farmers and also to the home builders. Don’t let Monsoons stop you from Constructing your dream home