Stunning All White Interior Ideas

It is indeed true to say that a world without colours is a world without life. Colours are a part of our existence, after all. That does not, however mean, that White isn’t a colour, right? White is that colour of the spectrum which can make you feel refreshed and relaxed at the same time. White can be welcoming; white can be unique. The colour White has, since ages, symbolised purity and innocence.

Bedroom Interiors in White and Grey

We might, on first thought, shy away from using all-white ensembles for the interior decor of our living spaces. Be it bedrooms or kitchens, bathrooms or hallways, an all-white look seems quite out of the way, doesn’t it?

Bed and Bedroom door in complete white

No, it’s not. All-white interiors can work real wonders. You may even use a bit of natural elements like wood or some interior landscaping to weave magic. Let us see how.

Playing with different shades of White

Incredible as it sounds, the colour White too comes in many shades. Every colour, be it red or yellow or blue or green, has a tone of white to its own. Use these tones and shades to their best when adorning your rooms with white. There may be a perfect shade of white which goes well with the wood and the metal or the upholstery.

Christmas decoration completely done in White Colour

All White Kitchens

We begin with the kitchen, because that would be the last space you’d dream in white! The charm of white interiors lies in their flexibility and creativity.

Kitchen Cabinets and tiles designed completely in white

Different textures, different materials and different objects can be worked up in white to create outstanding spaces. Go for a kitchen with neat white cabinets and walls, paired with white marble flooring.

Parallel Kitchen storage, flooring and cabinets completely in White

You could deviate from the strict white routine while you are at the countertops, the rims of your cabinets or the fixtures, but tend to keep things as minimalistic and as white as possible. An all white kitchen tends to look very chic and clean. See the change yourself!

Island Kitchen designed completely in white

Shifting the focus from White

An all white interior space might seem a little timid to some. The solution lies in deviating the focus from the simplicity of the rest of the space. You could use a central landscape feature, a piece of art, a sculpture or any other such reference as a means to garner attention away from the monotony of the interiors.

Living room book shelf, chairs and pillows deisgned in white

All White Bedrooms

This can get a little tricky for sure. But with the right expertise and some amount of creativity, an all-white bedroom can turn out to be a really awesome choice! Restricting the furnishings of your room to the singular colour needs some maintenance.

Bedroom and terrace interiors in all white

On the other hand, choosing cabinets and marble flooring in white is no big deal. Remember to carefully coordinate glimpses of metal with all-white interiors to add to their charm.

Persian styled inteirors with White marble and sofa in white colour

All White Living Rooms

Designing an all white living room doesn’t mean it has to be blank canvas. Playing with different shades and textures for the different furnishings of the room is the key. You could up the game with the help of light coloured rugs which deviate a little from the all white routine. Use steel, copper or brass metal frames and lamp stands against white luminaires and floor lamps.

Living room interiors like Sofa, walls etc., in white

Go for patterns and prints in greys and whites for the cushions and other fabrics. Keep the door and window frames white, with stained glass for variety. The bookshelves could be plain white, with the multi-coloured books playing with visual appeal.

Living room interiors with sofa, walls and lighting in white

All White Bathrooms

All White Bathrooms are a feast to the eye, if maintained properly. With all white toilet fixtures, optimum use of glass walls or shower cubicles and white flooring, the Bathroom can be given a chic makeover. Be sure to go either for metallic or white luminaires for the lights, and try to show as much variation in lighting as possible. If you wish to use any shelves, restrict them to a different shade of white.

All white Bathroom starting from tiles, sanitary fittings to granite and storage units

 – Sourav Suman