Stylish Vessel (Counter-Top) Sinks for your House

Adorable furniture makes adorable homes. And the same goes for fixtures, right? Go for the correct fixtures and your space can be completely transformed. One such amazing fixture is vessel sink (Counter-Top), which you might definitely have spotted in magazines and catalogues. Probably you have mixed feelings on seeing one, probably you like them or you don’t. read on to find what vessel sinks have in store for you.


What are Vessel Sinks?

A vessel sink is a kind of washbasin that is placed on top of the lavatory vanity instead of being inset like the old-style undermount sinks.  These sinks are used exclusively in bathrooms. They are not at all suitable for kitchens because of their style, size and working. They are suited to be used in powder rooms and decorative bathrooms for guests.

Glass Counter Top Vessel Sink

What are vessel Sinks Made of?

Vessel sinks can be made of just any material such as stone, marble, fired ceramics, stainless steel and glass or metal. The most popular materials used are glass and ceramics.


Types of Vessel Sinks

There are two types of vessel sinks: Above-Counter Installation and Recessed Installation. The former is the one most people imagine a vessel sink to be like, while the latter allows for greater stability.


pros and Cons of vessel Sinks


Vessel sinks are stylish and add a unique charm to your bathroom without burning a hole in your pocket. They come with a wonderful and sleek design that is sure to lend an old-world charm to your bathroom. They best go with industrial style designed homes, in that they would go extremely well with earth tones and neutrals.


In case of damage, the old sink can be easily removed and replaced with another one. Overall, handling a vessel sink is not a tedious task at all. Besides, they take up very little space in comparison to the normal recessed sinks we tend to use. Because the sink is not taking up any space below the counter unlike recessed sinks, you get extra space for storage and the like.


Vessel sinks may not appeal to everyone, in that they are futile and old-fashioned in some peoples’ perception. The height is greater than other recessed sinks, which might make use by children difficult and inappropriate. Besides, most people see vessel sinks as a short-lived trend. They say people will soon be over it and the inclination will be gone in no time.


The maintenance and regular cleansing of the vessel sink is difficult on the sides and corners. This is even more prominent if you are using a glass sink and you need to regularly clean up finger marks, toothpaste stains and so on. Besides, vessel sinks are not recessed onto the countertop which makes them less stable and durable, hence are highly prone to damage due to misuse. They do not come with overflow drains which can pose problems for many.


– Sakshi Singh