The Interplay of Luxury in Interior Design

We often see the terms such as “luxury lifestyle” and “luxury living” in design journals, magazines, or articles. But what does this mean? It is a popular misconception that the word “luxury” is only limited to expensive things or a lavish lifestyle. This is true in some cases, but there is so much more to this word than it seems. There isn’t really a specific definition of luxury, especially when it comes to luxury in interior design.

Luxurious living room design with simple false ceiling, sofas and piano

What is Luxury?

Luxury has a very vague meaning. It can be an expression of self as much as an exercise in style or comfort. Additionally, it is also a natural process that sets about as a seed deep within us and comes out through our everyday lifestyle choices. Regardless, the true essence of interior designs comes in the form of luxury.

Luxurious Bedroom Design with window seating study table and bed

The gift of luxury means living in a state of convenience and comfort. It should be a place with unique characteristics and at the same time invoke an emotion of extreme well-being. In the design world, true luxury blends the finest quality pieces of accessories with a functional blueprint that can create expertise that overflows identity. This delicate word luxury represents and defines the everyday materiality in collaboration with opulence and grandeur. Smooth and clean interior designs ascended by mid-century modern designs make for raging luxury home decor trends.

Contemporary Interior Designs:

In the contemporary interiors, a sense of luxury is established with the use of premium finishes like marble tile, custom wood flooring, and installing them perfectly, rendering a luxe appeal to the expanse. Hence, contemporary residential trends revolve around a mixture of these hand-picked textures and finishes. Clean and smooth, sharp and polished, the use of these materials is a great way to add a subtle richness and glamour to any residential space.

The concept of home decor keeps progressing with each passing year, bringing in new & contemporary interior design options that are used to transform the interior spaces. However, despite the influx in décor options, one thing remains constant and that is the eternal appeal towards luxury. The easiest way to add a dramatic flair to your room is by using gold and silver accents. Use intricate patterns and designs, and incorporate them gradually into your room. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, but ensure that the color palette you have is fairly neutral.

Modern Interior Designs

Consistently perfect modern interior design means creating a space that’s thoughtfully designed, but should not be flamboyant. Luxury in interior design is the art of using the most necessary elements despite having a big budget. Though it sounds easy, a lot of interior designers fall into the trap of using the most expensive and over-designed products and materials, simply because it is easier.


Focusing on the lighting scheme, nothing conveys luxury quite like a chandelier. Chandeliers provide a great source of lighting and can increase the magnificence of any room by ten times. The key here is to identify the chandelier that looks the best and suits the theme of the room. Serving to add the wow factor while being functional, a chandelier is a perfect option for lighting for anyone who wishes to add grandeur to their rooms.

Luxurious Modern Design Chandelier design in Bedroom

Accent Wall or Furniture Wall

Delving into the accessories segment, an accent wall or a furniture piece breaks all the lavishness of the room & can take the luxury quotient up to the next level. Luxury lies in the simplicity of the accent furniture or wall. It’ll draw attention to a less prevalent feature of the room, like the rug or a side table. Accent furniture includes floor to ceiling bookshelves, a bright couch, and a bar on a vintage trolley. Accent pieces add a lot of personality to a room and can define the mood of the room as well.

An Accent wall in blue color that enhances the living room interiors

For instance, floor-to-ceiling drapes, hand-crafted backlit motifs on the wall that illuminate the room, or fine filigree has been used by Creations in this mentioned project to focus your attention on a singular aspect of the room to make it seem straight out of an interior design magazine.

Sustainable Materials

Using furs and unsustainably harvested wood floors are now out-dated. Nowadays luxury homes feature materials that are sustainable as well as give a lavish style to your interiors. VOC-free paints, sustainable wood, and upholsteries and coverings are a few examples of popular sustainable interior design materials.

Sustainable wood wall panels that enhances living room interiors

Woven Resin

Woven resin is one of the oldest sustainable materials for furniture. The material is versatile enough to be used for both outdoor and indoor furniture. Regardless, it gives a gorgeous and regal feel to your interior. It comes in many colors and is easily flexible, which gives you a wide range of options for furniture design. The material was only seen in commercial projects but is not more popular in residences.

Woven resin chairs in dining room

3D Gypsum board

Another preferable option would be using a 3-D gypsum board. They give a rich feel to the interior and are cost-effective as well. These fiber glass-reinforced gypsum board panels are available in tiles and are fixed with screws in both your walls and ceilings. They are available in continuous or geometric patterns. You can find gypsum boards in many colors. However, white or cream color still looks classy and gives an elegant feel to your living room.

3D gypsum board design in living room design


Natural leather not only gives a pleasant smell but also creates a luxurious modern environment. The high cost of leather seems worth it if you use it properly in your home. You can find the materials for your sofa or other furniture. They are also available in many colors. The most popular are black and tan. However, uncommon colors such as wine, red, teal, fern, and so on, are always wise options for those as they give an unusual look to your interior.

Leather Sofa in living room giving a gorgeous look

Lazer Cut Sheet Metal Panel

These sheets can be used for both indoor as well as for outdoor purposes. They are versatile enough to be used as jails, partitions in the interior, or even decorative elements for walls and ceilings. These are functionally viable as well as aesthetical. Laser-cut sheet metal panels enhance the spatial quality of the space by creating artistic shadows as the natural light moves through the laser-cut patterns. Other uses of these panels are for handrail screens, window screens, etc.

Luxury sheet metal panelling with backlighting to improve living room interiors

The way to design your interior and home can say a lot about you. It shows who you are as a person. So, it is imperative that you should be thoughtful about luxury interior design. All the materials and fabrics used in the interior should add to the overall character of the space and convey a sense of rarity, all the while without seeming pretentious.

Lastly, everyone deserves luxury – it can be understated like a few fines and intricate details on a wall or the use of gold textured pain, or it can be a full-blown out palace with statues, chandeliers, and marble flooring. The residential design should satisfy the needs, aspirations, and utilities required by each home. Personalization is the key as the version of luxury and decor can vary from person to person.

– Tulisha Srivastava