Tips and Tricks To Make You Living Room Look Bigger: Part 2


Well we’re back with some more unbelievable tricks that will transform your little pad into a palace in no time.



#1 Avoid the Center of Walls:

When hanging art pieces, photographs, mirrors, wall vases, etc. try to avoid hanging them midway up the wall. It’s always better to hang them higher up the wall, to draw the eyes upwards ad give a sense of higher ceiling height.

Avoid Centers of wall

#2 Choose Furniture with Lesser Horizontal Members:

By reducing the number of horizontal members in furniture – armrests on chairs, the expanse of the vacuum between the piece of furniture and ceiling is emphasized. This gives the impression of a higher ceiling.

Furniture with Lesser Horizontal Members

#3 Use Stripes:

Stripes are amazing at directing the eye in whichever direction you wish to. You can make a rooms dimension seem larger by effectively using horizontal stripes on the walls, or increase the apparent ceiling height with the help of vertical stripes.


#4 Believe in the Beauty of Empty Space:

Beautifying your room doesn’t necessarily mean adding more items to it. In fact, sometimes leaving more empty space in your room is a great way to exude an air of simplicity and sophistication. Try not to crowd your room with unnecessary furniture and objects. In a small room, try to keep it minimal to give an impression of more space.

Beauty of Empty Space in Living Room

#5 Organize your Room:

Everyone hates a cluttered room. Not only does a cluttered room actually increase mental stress in an individual, but it also makes a room appear smaller than it actually is. Therefore, it is a good idea to always keep your room organized. A great way to clear up that mess, is to manage items such as books, picture frames, decorative pieces, etc according to a colour code system. Colour coding automatically makes your room a piece of art.

organize your room

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#6 Ceiling Level Display Cases and Shelves:

Another great optical illusion to apparently increase your room size would be to install shelves or display cases high up the wall, close to the ceiling. This would automatically draw one’s vision upwards. If the display cases and shelves were to be lit up with accent lighting, the effect would be greater emphasized.

Ceiling Level Display Cases and Shelves:

#7 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:

Mirrors! Mirrors! Mirrors! Use them as much as you can. Get creative with them. Hang a large mirror on at least one wall of your living room. Not only does it reflect light around the room, but it tricks the mind into thinking that there is more space in the room, than there actually is.

Mirror on the Wall

#8 Use a Reflective Flooring Material:

A spotlessly clean floor acts like a mirror beneath your feet. It reflects light around the room and gives a sense of more space. So, if you have a dull floor, you should consider getting it redone, and in case you already use a reflective flooring material, make sure you clean it regularly to utilize its optical properties to its fullest capabilities.

Reflective Flooring Material

#9 Arrange Your Furniture Carefully:

There’s a very common interior design myth that states that in a small room, furniture should always be pressed up against the walls. However, it would be a creative sin to follow such mundane myths all the time. In fact, a great way of giving the impression of more space in your room would be to make sure no furniture is up against the wall. Always try to leave a few inches of space between your walls and your furniture just for a little extra breathing space.

Arrange Furniture Carefully

#10 Do Away With Ceiling Lights:

Ceiling lights that hang down from above do two thing that make your room looks smaller. Firstly, they result in less visual space between the ceiling and floor, by adding yet another horizontal member in between. Secondly, they result in a targeted light source, that concentrates its light in only a few areas. To overcome these problems, try using three or four light sources around the room. This would result in equal illumination all around, and by using floor and wall lamps, you would effectively increase the visual height of the room.

Away from Ceiling Lights

#11 The Cantaloupe Rule:

The Cantaloupe Rule is a rule that interior designers use to prevent clutter in a room while designing. This rule basically states that you should not use any decorative pieces smaller than the size of a cantaloupe in your room. Anything smaller would result in a unnecessary clutter.

Cantaloupe Rule

#12 Use Them Rugs

A well placed rug can easily give the impression of a larger space. Go for a large rug that fits in cozily beneath the sofa and extends to include the coffee table as well. Do not select a smaller rug as this will only emphasize your lack of space.


#13 To Live Outside The Box, Think Outside The Box:

No one ever said that there is a specific way that a living room should be designed or decorated. After all, you’re living room should reflect your character and your lifestyle. So think outside the box, think of crazy ideas, think of mattresses on the floor instead of sofas, of coffee tables hanging from the ceiling, of all your picture frames placed one or two inches above the floor. Free yourself from all assumptions of what you think a Living Room should look like, and in the process you might discover newer ways of making a space look bigger than it already is. Never stop changing up and experimenting with your living room design, furniture placement, wall colours and lighting. Just explore.

 Living Room Look Bigger

We hope this article helped you and gave you some clarity regarding the art of increasing optical space. Don’t forget to go through our other articles. Until then, Happy Homing!!!


-By Rhiddhit Paul


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