Top 10 Must Haves Styles for your Kitchen

A sleek breakfast bar and shiny cooktop range is the dream of any person with a love for interior design. Though the kitchen might not be the centre point of the house, there is no harm in making it look classy.

In fact, a glossy kitchen speaks volumes about the rest of the house. And let’s face it, we have always wanted to have a gorgeous kitchen since forever.

However, there are many mistakes people easily make while styling their kitchen. Buying a bunch of shiny top-range appliances aren’t enough. Lighting, seating, tiles, they all matter. Here are the top styles of this season which are essential to make your kitchen look like a haven.

Styles You Need to Go with for Your Kitchen

1. Dark Wood all the Way

Let’s face it, dark wood is the definition of chic. When it comes to furnishing, there is no other style that will combine both classy and modern to a perfect twist like dark wood.

Dark wood stools, chairs, tables, cabinets and what not, lay them there. Believe it or not, the majority of your work toward creating a stunning kitchen is done!

Island Kitchen with bar stools and chimney

2. Shiny Mini Breakfast Bar

Breakfast bars are essential parts of a modern kitchen. A sleek, shiny mini table with high stools shouts out panache. However, do not go way over your head with it. Keep it simple and make sure it doesn’t seat more than five.

breakfast bar Table attached to Kitchen

3. Lights On

The most common mistake people make when it comes to decorating their kitchen is with lighting. Firstly, it is always grander if you use yellow lighting instead of white in your kitchen. Secondly, spring for some under cabinet lighting.

That throws focus on your sleek looking cooking range and beautiful wood which you bought. Be generous with the lighting and make sure every nook and corner of the room are lit, else what you hoped would look like an IKEA lookalike will only look dingy and dark.

Lighting in Kitchen

4. Care for Some Air

You don’t necessarily have to live in a beach house for this. A little bit of air and scenery is good for any room. So if you have a charming backyard or garden, build your kitchen such that one side of it is pointing that way and install a door there. Truly, it will look fabulous especially at daytime with all the natural light and at dusk with the glowing orange of a sunset.

Windows and Open area in Kitchen

5. Induction Cook Top

The good old gas stoves are out of style now and in its place, we have shiny induction cooktops. Nothing is cooler than what looks like a screen at level with the surface. And these days, induction cooktops are wildly inexpensive making it absolutely easy to install one.

Induction Cook Top

6. Hidden Chimeny

These days, stuff that appears out of nowhere are quite the rage. So, how do you feel about a hidden chimney? It can be fitted in a wall corner or under a cabinet over your cooktop. Either way, your kitchen is going to look super posh with this bad boy minus the usual oversized chimney!

Hidden Chimney in Kitchen

7. in-Built appliances

Like we said earlier, what could be cooler than something that appears out of thin air? Get this, you pull on a perfectly normal-seeming cabinet and voila! It’s a fridge! Having inbuilt refrigerators, ovens, microwaves and even a garbage dispenser calls for a top notch kitchen.

Inbuilt applinaces in Kitchen

8. Storage For Everything

Pots and pans hanging about the kitchen is so last generation. The 21st century ideal kitchen should have nothing sitting out save for a fruit bowl or an artful vase. Have cabinets for everything, right from your forks to crockery to your dustbin.

Knife, peeler and cockscrew storage

9. Soap Dispenser

It doesn’t get posher than this. Yes indeed, we’re talking about a soap dispenser right beside the faucet on your sink. This is an absolute must have in the kitchen!

Automatic Soap dispenser in Kitchen

10. Warming Drawer

These days, kitchen appliances are easily budgeted. So along with an oven or microwave, it’s just as easy on your pocket to throw in a warming drawer and walk home whistling. This being one of the newest, hot and happening appliances in style and will fit right in your fabulous kitchen!

Warming Drawer in Kitchen

– Sushmita Baskaran