Transformable Architecture – the Ongoing Change

Never Being Finished ..

Transformable  Architecture  is a quality of experience rather than  duration of use. It creates limited but enduring impact .

The shift demands a definition for Transformable architecture…

Buildings that distinguish themselves in terms of time rather than through space form or function do exist.

With what we call adaptive control we could change the true existence of the building.

Adaptive  design layer with the cladding of the transformable  is the start of new Architecture

Two contrasting things come together increases the complexity and vanishes the  metamorphism.

Transformable architecture

Transformable Architecture helps to design  your own  space according to your utility . It is more like confined in clever space.

Transformable Architecture  is an intelligence in inches.

The architecture will reflect the universal needs and flexible enough to accommodate the uncertainties of tomorrow.

The new measure of time is transformability.  It is a  short term design with a long term thought. It is not wrong to say that Transformable Architecture is a movable existence. It has a power of creating intimate connection with the space and connect the occupant with the four walls. It plays with the visual perception and create isomorphism.

1. Transformable Partition and Sliding Wall

To keep the pace with the changing requirements and demands the smart , economical walls and partition are of good choice.


  • flexible room layout
  • changing the configuration
  • fulfilling the required demand
  • flexible transportation
Smart Living is a transformable  wall system which offer a real solution for space issues of modern houses.


  • ZWall is totally adaptable. Glass panels readily transform to fabric or wood. Metal trim can be changed to wood trim, on site, without disturbing existing walls.
  • ZWall’s unique integrated horizontal support rails allow off-module attachment and support of virtually any office system furniture.
  • ZWall . . substantive, functional, transformable, and totally adaptable.

Corporate Wall

  • When your goal is simplicity and durability, go for  modular  wall system. 
  • It is Movable , Demountable , Reusable and Reconfigurable.
  • LEED documentation available.
  • Corporate Wall is the clear choice when you want an economical, time-tested, durable modular wall system that is readily available.
Corporate Wall

Zone Wall System

  • It is available in full solid and segmented solid / glass.
  • It is Powder coated with  steel including board option.
  • The doors are available in Butt-hinge wood (flush & glass) , Butt-hinge aluminium glass and Hydraulic-hinge ½” frameless glass.
  • Its made of hard wire with quick disconnection possible.
Zone wall

2. transformable Landscape

The change in  our  well being and in THE  quality of life.

Landscape can access the soul and refresh the mind .

Landscape evolve with land and water day by day.

Landscape is a concept associated with the human values .

This include the sense of the space, it uplifts the experience.

Its character emphasise the structure and creates a huge statement.


  • intervention of object with site
  • changing the experience
  • fulfilling the climatic requirements
Apple tree in 4 seasons

Apple tree in all Four Seasons

Cherry tree in four Seasons

Cherry Tree in all Four Seasons

All season trees add a lot of interest to your yard, providing a change to a frame  is the motive of the blooming trees

The Red Dogwood tree has beautiful red flowers in spring while in the summer it is blessed with of green foliage. In the fall, this tree will have reddish-purple leaves and it looks beautiful  with winter snow

Red dogwood tree

The Sourwood tree is a good choice for an ornamental tree. It blooms late, in the mid-summer.It changes to dark green foliage and then into a particularly beautiful yellow, red and purple hues in the fall.

Right yellow, orange and red are the stunning colours of the Japanese Red Maple tree in the fall. This tree has a unique 7-palmed green or red leaf and requires some pruning to help it develop a strong structure. It is extremely versatile and can grow in a variety of environments and containers.    

3. Transformable Furniture


  • less space requirements
  • changing according to needs
  • less maintenance

The transforming furniture is an ideal choice for anyone that needs more space.

Transforming furniture is a broad category inclusive of any piece that does the work of two or more types of items.

This includes:

  • Bed
  • Sofa
  • Table
  • Seating
transformable Furniture

Inspired by flowering processes in nature, Motion proposes a structure that imitates a flower’s opening and closing movements to achieve both a dynamic and natural balance.

Techniques for Creating transformable Furniture

Pneumatic technology

The technology is inspired by organic skins that adjust their permeability to control the necessary flow of light, matter and temperature between the inside and the outside. 

pnematic transformable

deployable technology

Deployable structures can expand and contract due to their geometrical, material and mechanical properties – offering the potential to create truly transforming spaces

Deployable Transformable Furniture-1
Deployable Transformable Furniture-2