Trending Ideas in House Construction

Architecture and construction are dynamic industries, constantly subjected to new and better changes which eventually become trends. Some of these currents gauge eternality, aiming for something better and efficient than their predecessors, helping people lead healthier lives. Here are some trends which will leave a mark in the upcoming decades.

1. The Industrial Style of Housing

This style embraces minimal and rustic asymmetrical and symmetrical forms, textures, colours and materials. It applies to commercial and residential interiors. It combines recyclable materials like wood, aluminium and iron, making it cost-effective, cosy and efficient.

Industrial Style Living Room Design

2. Smart Homes

A growing trend, home automation systems make saving resources much more efficient. The ever-growing market holds options in lighting, security and temperature control.

Smart Homes and Automation in House Construction

3. Open Planned Spaces

A growing trend among millennials is open plans or the absence of delineating spaces. It is characterized by a lack of partition walls, gaining light and space, creating links between several rooms. One can observe this in the amalgamation of dining and living spaces today, which seem to forego any partitions between both.

Lack of partitions between kitchen and living room to create open spaces

4. The growing Importance of Kitchens

Kitchens were infamous for being small and dingy spaces, but not anymore. Today kitchens serve as an informal gathering space for family and friends, where cooking occurs as an art form or even a hobby. There are several niches provided to cater to these needs like iPad stands for watching tutorials.

Displays of cutlery and glasses, with extravagant storage spaces and refrigerators, can also be seen among the well-off. The central island, in open kitchens, plays a transitional role between the dining and kitchen space.

Stylishly designed kitchen in white statuario marble

5. Expansions of Bathrooms

Bathrooms, now serve as a space for relaxation. They are mini spas, personal and comfortable to us. There are several attributes added to typical bathroom spaces like saunas and bigger storage spaces.

Bigger bathroom space with open glass partitions

6. Highlighting Textures on Walls & Flooring

A minimalistic approach has set into the trend over the past decade. The need for more space but also balancing aesthetics is achieved by incorporating art into the framing of the building aka ceiling, flooring and the walls.

A contradictory approach is also going rounds, with an amalgamation of several decor pieces, colours, textures and patterns put together to create spaces full of life. Keeping the framing plain, art is incorporated in lighting and furniture keeping them in focus.

Accent colouring highlights doors or other fixtures with bright contrasting colours usually paired with white or beige walls.

A trend of showcasing the raw materials used at homes such as steel columns and beams and glass blocks is observed as well.

Highlighting textures on walls and flooring

7.Bringing the Outdoors Indoor

The growing importance of landscaping to create climate-responsive architecture can be seen in homes today. Landscaping is incorporated in backyards, front lawns and even terraces and balconies. Interior or indoor gardens are gaining popularity recently.

An essential fixture for this concept is a glass curtain. It also brings in abundant natural light indoors, hence minimizing the use of artificial lighting.

Trees and Lanscaping around the house to make it climate responsive architecture

8. Sustainable and Passive Homes

The focal objective of these homes is to use available resources in the vicinity and reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, it improves the health and quality of life of dwellers. Buildings would now go beyond solar panels, using new materials. For example, several papers are discussing the future use of mycelium or mushroom fibres.

Using Sustainable and local materials to reduce carbon footprint while construction of houses

9. Incorporation of Traditional Elements into Modern Homes

The significance of one’s cultural heritage reflects in their abode. Materials such as clay or even vernacular composites like Jallis can be incorporated into a modern home skillfully.

Incorporating traditional elements in modern houses

10. Fusion of Workspace and Home

The pandemic has forced many of us to work from our homes, creating the need for a designated space from home. Apart from this, several professionals work from home as freelancers. Therefore seeing a study or library as an added space in one’s home wouldn’t be uncommon.

Fusing workplaces inside homes

11. Prefabrication

Time is of essence to many. Prefabrication techniques that were previously employed for temporary housing are now used to construct modular homes. These are cost-effective and pose a solution to several problems at a time.

A prefabricated readymade home that can be installated quickly in any peice of land

12. The rise of Gated Townships

These ‘micro cities’ showcase individualism growing in society. Gated communities offer several world-class amenities, better security and privacy. Residents also enjoy a higher lifestyle quotient and integrated community living.

Gated townships with world class amenities

– Asmita Kothari