Using and Creating Spaces with Bamboo

In the modern world, every space is by default functional. The function meter may be low or high but no design is a failure. What matters is how to add your own innovative idea and make the space standout. Here, standing out represents impact.

With the impact, bamboo comes into the picture. As with bamboo, you can create artistic spaces & blends your home with nature. Read further to know how the most available and the fastest growing building material fit in the puzzle of your beautiful world.

1. Bamboo as Facade : A single layer

There are many different types of construction methods. In R.C.C & load bearing when the construction is over the building still remains raw. Then after that, all the painting job & plaster is done to give it a finishing look. Whereas in bamboo construction, every step was taken & any part built is a finished product. 

External façade & interior are built simultaneously. You don’t have to design your interiors & exteriors separately. Bamboos are only treated with boric & borax which acts as an insect repellant & gives life to bamboo.

It has a good strength to take the load & take it to the ground. However, bamboos blend the external with interiors and give us a satisfactory & complete look that is no less than the feeling of getting lost in the fields of bamboos.

Bamboo used as exteriors and as a roof
Entire House from exteriors, interiors to staricase created in Bamboo

2. Bamboo As Landscape : Nature within Nature

All the time whenever we visit a garden or our backyard, we find few structures & gazebos built that provide social gathering & refreshments. So rather than going against nature and choosing the wrong materials like concrete, bricks for construction will not do justice with space.Here, bamboo comes into the picture.

Bamboo being a versatile, renewable & natural material will make your element look like moulded within & from nature. It will not only provide you with the aesthetic appeal but also merges with surroundings.


3. Bamboo in Interiors : A Versatile Material

Concrete, steel are very rigid & dominant materials. And natural materials like stone & timber are expensive, standing next to gold. Whereas, Bamboo is the cheapest material with aesthetic beauty & structural element qualities. It solves the purpose at the same time connects you with nature.

It can be used as a cladding on the wall or just as a partition between spaces. Using lights with bamboo always strikes the right chord. Mini gardens of bamboos can be maintained easily & add a new ambience to the house. Bamboos are beyond the obvious.

Bamboo used as a screening partition between two spaces
bamboo used as a external partition

4. Bamboo : A parametric Approach

With bamboo bringing a revolution in our homes and surroundings it always welcomes evolution. It is a material that is ever involving in terms of function and form. And yes! With bamboo, you can achieve your desired forms just the way concrete works.

Dreamy & organic form adds to the impactful & enhances the aesthetical approach while you are on the path of sustainability

Sadly, today we see bamboo in the form of scaffolding as yet many are unaware of the beauty of this material, which is the most available and growing material in India.

Though bamboos requires skilled labour still it involves very easy joineries. It is the future of sustainable development and moreover, it is adaptable to change. It gives power to people to transform & create spaces piles of spaces around.

uniquely designed house made of bamboo

– Ovais Bhati