Vastu Principles for Bedroom: Ideal Location, Colors & Furniture Placement

How will you calm your nerves after a straining day and relax it deep down to your soul? A sound sleep is the answer to recharge the mind and energize your body for the prior set schedules. 

Bedroom spaces are enclosures for privacy and relaxation, a place to retire after a well managed day. The vibes of a well designed spatial arrangement uplifts the aura of the space. The smallest of interventions can enhance positivity and superstitious satisfaction of the habitant.

Architecture or “Vastu-Vidya” suggests some of the creations of rhythm and balance for spatial arrangements to optimize the bedroom as a rejuvenation spot.


Ideal Location of A Bedroom in a House

Vastu Ideologies suggests that the placement of Master Bedroom should be in the southwest corner of the house.

This should inhabitant for the head of the family. Usual Vastu planning suggests that the master bedroom should be bigger in spatial terms than other rooms.

Children’s Bedroom should be ideally placed on the western side of the house.

Whereas if the child if officially working, the bedroom position is ideal in southeast direction for a child’s growth.

Guest Bedrooms are preferred on the north-eastern or northwestern face as this corner represents air and thus is the unstable corner of the home.


Sleeping Orientation as per vastu

Vastu Ideations suggests sleeping directions according to the magnetic spin and tilt of the earth orientation. These positions are related to the blood flow in the human body and its effect on well being of the body according to the magnetic orientation of the earth.

  • Bed Head towards west is ideal for name, reputation, and richness.
  • Sleeping with legs towards the west is better for mental harmony and spiritual well being.
  • Sleeping with leg orientation towards the north increases prosperity and opulence.
  • South orientation of legs in Vastu ideations is a bad alignment.

Things to Consider as per vastu

  • Avoid sleeping under a beam or bulky component of the building.
  • The use of mirrors in front of the bed should be avoided.
  • Doors and Windows of Operable fenestrations and Furnishings should be free of creaking sound.
  • Avoid using distinctive mattresses for double beds i.e. single double bed mattresses should be preferred.
  • Irregular shape beds create a state of dilemma and confusion, For relaxing mood regular-shaped beds should be adopted.
  • Electronic Gadgets should be avoided in the vicinity of the bed. These should be placed distant from the bed as they emit electromagnetic waves that interfere in sleep senses.
  • Bathrooms and attached toilets should face the bed orientation directly and the door should be closed ideally. A certain transition of dresser or walk-in wardrobe can be considered.
  • Mezzanine Transitions in Bedrooms can be considered on South or West walls.
  • Refrain from Old or deceased ancestors’ hanging photographs in the bedroom.
  • Windows behind the Bed Headrest should be avoided or should be closed while sleeping.

Vastu Tips for Master Bedroom

These spaces are peace and relaxation spots. The visual and mental aura of the space should suggest rejuvenation and calm soothing appeal. Some of the points are stated to consider for bedroom Vastu Ideas:


As stated earlier, the ideal location of the master bedroom is the South-West corner of the house as this is the representation of the elemental Earth which depicts Steadiness, Stability, and Heaviness.

South-West Direction is not suitable for children’s room, Guest bedroom, Servant room, or any other accommodation.

Color Scheme

Colors affect the mood of the space and regulate health equilibrium for a happy aura.

Ideally, Paint templates of lighter shades like oof white, baby pink, or cream are advisable for bedrooms.

However, bedrooms in the south-west direction imply earthy tones and subtle schemes for relaxing and rejuvenation experiences.

Color tones like almond, lighter shades of brown, and all earthen templates are ideally suitable for master bedrooms.

Furniture Placement

The placement of Bed should be against the South or West walls ideally so that your legs point towards the north direction or east direction while the person lies down.  

If the possibility is not feasible then the Bed should be placed at a gap of at least 4 inches away from the wall.

The Bed placement should not directly in front of the Bedroom Door.

Wardrobe and Storage should be on South or West walls for insulation purposes.

Beds and Furnishing should be centrally placed against a wall so that circulation spaces are maintained.

Children Bedroom

Children room is the spot of creative workflow, and Happy vibes. Certain adjustments and proper orientation can lead to positivity for the child to work harder and cheerful living. Some of the points are stated to ponder upon:


The preferred locations for the child’s bedroom are North, East, Northeast, and ideally Straight West.

Color and Lighting Schemes

Child’s mood can be freshening by encoding color schemes that are appealing and bright. Rooms with hues of Yellow and Green or maybe shades of blue.

Lighting sources should be ambient and well lit. The lighting scheme should be oriented in a South-East direction with a focus on working or study areas.

Furniture and Furnishings

The door position in the children’s room should be in the East or North. It should not be directly facing the bed.

Avoid furnishings in the middle of the room that can create obstructions.

Southwest direction is the best for placing furniture.

Study Table can be oriented to face East, North or Northeast Direction for positive vibes. Study Centres should be clutter-free that boosts concentration and productivity.

Ideal Vastu expertise suggests restriction of electronics and appliances in the Children’s room as it affects concentration, but according to the current scenario of compulsory appliance invasion.

Computers should be placed in the North for cooler ambiance and Television in the south-east direction.

Additional Vastu Tips for Bedroom


Aromas and scents are powerful mood lifters and have instant effect of the hike in spirit. 

Room smells can be altered according to the mood through aromatic candles, scent diffusers.

Refreshing and joyful fragrances are preferred like jasmine or lavender for happy energy in life.

– Anshul Kulshrestha